I finally purchased a walking stick

*Before I get started this post contains affiliate links*

As many of you know I’m starting to have a lot of trouble walking. My right hip keeps giving out on me when I’m walking. I had to bite the bullet and do something about my mobility.

I’ve been calling my doctors for weeks and letting them know I am serious having issues with hips.

My right hip is giving out. My right knee, needs surgery but the right hip is no longer able to hold my weight and pops out of socket often making it every difficult to stand long periods of time.

The pain is a pain “10 out of 10” I hate hospitals and I went to the hospital .

The hip is currently very swollen. I’m in the middle of and arthritis flare and a fibro flare. I have no mobility aids at my home.

I’m just holding on to things steadying myself and hoping the hip.

When I’m in public. I steady myself using a cart, a stroller or I walk very slowly and rub my hip.

Feels like and extremely tight muscle, I have to pop all the time. It’s very painful.

It have to steady myself I needed a mobility aid.

So I had to purchase on for myself.

I researched and this seemed like the best walking stick that could arrive this fastest.

I have Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid arthritis.

Since waking up unable to walk on Wednesday and hopping around my home. I was sick of being immobile and just miserable frankly.

I’m only 35!

I’m super active! However I’ve been compensating and limping on that hip for quite some time now.

I was a bit embarrassed about needing a mobility aid at my age but after doing some research on IG I saw there plenty of women my age and younger with the diagnosis arthritis as well as other chronic illness that cause them to need walking sticks.

These women were advocates, proud and used their platforms to encourage others to proud of their disabilities and advocate for themselves.

@astoldbyshayla is a disability advocate that I communicate with regularly that encourage me and others to believe in themselves and right for their rights and disabled individuals.

Yesterday Shayla encouraged me when I had to purchase my foldable king gear adjustable walking stick

I really wasn’t embarrassed about the purchase. It was something I actually needed to relieve the pressure on my hip.

I was actually frustrated!

I felt like this was something my doctor should be doing!

I had been calling them for two weeks letting them know my leg was inflamed.

I know it’s just an arthritis flare and that is just normal.

However NO MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL had explained this to me outside of the emergency room.

My call was finally returned and they once again explain that I just need to wait until I see the Rheumatologist on the 14th.

They also explained in greater depth exactly what a flare was because I had never been in that much pain in my life.

I decided to comfort myself by continuing to find more young people with mobility aids because it really is hard to grasp the fact you will be publicly seen time to time with a cane for support, but I saw these young women on Ig owning it..@chick_with_a_ walking_stick had arthritis just like me! She was confident and sexy!

She was out and about!

She seemed as if the grabbed her life by the balls and owned it!

It seemed as if her walking stick was just another part of her and liked that.

I love how she’s normalizing being young, sexy, vibrant and fun with a mobility aid.

I really needed to find this girl last night.

There’s so many changes that I’m dealing with at the moment that I don’t necessarily talk about but this is one of the biggest and I’m sick of using my toddlers stroller when I need to get a mobility aid of my own.

Now I finally found on Amazon The King gear walking stick with 3 prongs, it’s adjustable and it’s for men and women.

Free delivery for prime costumers and and very fast shipping!

I’m learning that living with chronic illness and chronic pain is more than just a diagnosis it’s an entire life change.

With Fibromyalgia and Arthritis you are in pain 24/7 and you have to find things to take you find off of the pain.

Right now what’s taking my mind off the pain is the fact I’ll be a bit mobile again!

I’m not ashamed of the fact I need a walking stick!

I’m actually super impressed by the price and I can’t wait for it to arrive so that I can review it.

I feel like I’m getting a piece of my freedom back it’s been hell to know each step is going to hurt.

Anyways I hope you have a fantastic weekend.. I know I will when that package arrives!

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