I used my cane for the first time

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Remember when I let you all know Friday in my last blog post “I finally purchased a walking stick

It arrived!!

Not without some drama.. the package said

But it wasn’t there…

I searched high and low for the package.

I just chalked it up to being stolen and became very upset because well..

I’ll be straight with you, I was looking forward to having a since of normalcy back.

I’ve been in so much pain and limping and my right leg is visibly swollen from the front and back.

It hurts to walk for long periods of time.The pain is a sharp, stabbing burning pain like my hip bone is burrowing into my muscle and groin when I walk, it feels almost like sore and tired muscles with every step.

It’s agony. Fibromyalgia flares make any pain feel 5x’s worse.

The swelling and tightness has spread to the outer portion of my thigh, the groin muscle, the quad, the knee is affected as well I’m awaiting knee surgery as I type this.

When I open my legs to get dressed in the morning the loud pop followed by the pain is just unbearable and it’s only worsened throughout the day with activity.

That’s what prompted me to make the purchase of the Kinggear adjustable cane.

(Which wasn’t stolen it was just delivered to the wrong house…)

The KingGear adjustable pink folding cane cost a total of $25 and was delivered the next day.

It was super easy to assemble and came with one page of instructions.

You unhook the latch and you’re ready to go!

I wasn’t embarrassed about being a young person with a cane.

Number one.. I’m 35, it’s not like I’m 22🤣😂🤷🏾‍♀️

This is something that I need to make my life easier.

After sitting in a car for long periods of time my hip hurts badly. I also have arthritis related scoliosis so I just numbness and tingling in the right leg, it’s very difficult to walk or stand long periods of time without shifting my weight away from that hip.. typically I just push through it, or pop my hip but now.. I have some help.

If you look it the picture you can see the swelling in my leg.. I’ve been compensating on this leg for a very long time.

I typically get home, prop it, rub my aching leg with creams while I scroll the ‘Gram with some fine wine and finer weed and try to take my mind off the pain…

What was it like using a cane in public?

completely normal! There were adverse reactions to it people were very kind courteous. Men opened doors. There weren’t people starring at me like I imaged. I think that was more of my own insecurities than anything else.

I have to move past that.. I’ve been communicating online with women who have fibromyalgia and need canes.

I had no idea that fibromyalgia and arthritis could hinder your ability to walk.

I know arthritis can.

I’m fully aware of its debilitating symptoms but I had no idea what a flare could do.

I have to admit I had slight embarrassment about being seen with a cane and being young.

This is why I was so in awe of these women. This is why I was communicating with them and building friendships because deep down I admired them.

You see it’s really easy to stand there take a picture and be “normal” it’s a different ballgame posing with a cane..

Now.. Back to the fantastic women I’ve speaking with online…One particular woman on Instagram goes by the handle @whenlifegivesyoufibro.

She shared a post about having an invisible illness and I related so much I shed tears in the night… she replied she had been using a cane since she was 30 due fibromyalgia.

It’s funny.. I feel like I learn more from the women living with these disease than the doctors diagnosing me and explaining absolutely nothing and never believing my pain.

I assembled my cane and I was going to leave it at home but I put it in the car and I used it.

There was so much pressure taken off my bad hip!

I honestly didn’t care what anyone thought and I was happy to have a sense of independence back.

I can stand longer!!

I hate to admit this but I had to take breaks while cooking in the house. I would have to hop and rest on the sofa..

Now I have a bit of freedom.

Is the Kinggear Folding cane compact enough for a purse or backpack?

Backpack if It’s empty, but definitely a large tote bag. That’s why I initially purchased it because I wanted a cane I could toss in a backpack if I didn’t need it all the time.

It fits easy it in the car when it stand full sized as well.

Is the Kinggear adjustable folding cane lightweight?

Yes! the Kinggear adjustable cane is very lightweight and it’s not cumbersome it comes with a wrist strap it’s easy to hold on to.

Does the Kinggear cane come in more colors than pink?

Yes! The cane comes in 4 colors, black, pink, purple and red. I’m just more for fond of pink….

overall.. I’m definitely happy I purchased the cane. I needed it.

At first I was worried about the looks, the thoughts.

I was worried if people would think I was “faking” it but people aren’t living in my body.

People aren’t there to see what I go through and people don’t matter frankly.

I’m a 35 year old woman and I can’t live my life based on “people”

What I can do is purchase and cane and help myself because my hip is killing me and I’m so glad I did.

You see, I’ve been on this journey to better myself.

Take care of myself because I have time.

While I was home healing from severe mental illness and caused my mental stress, overwork..

I had an X-ray reveal arthritis and changes due to OVERWORK in my SPINE and the next phone call was a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

I’ve had flare ups so bad I’ve woke up in the morning and I can’t walk.

My cane is a necessity.

One that I thought my doctor would provide but I didn’t know how to ask for because well…

Also being 35 people assume “You’re young you don’t need” a cane..

I wish you’d let my bones know that because they hurt, they’re swollen and they’re hot.

I’ve learned it’s not easy navigating the world of chronic illness being young, black and woman.. but not I’ve got a pink stick and voice and I plan to use them both.

I was proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and actually using my cane because it wasn’t easy taking those first steps..

But it felt so good, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I don’t want people to think I want “sympathy” or anything like no, that’s not the case.. this is simply the direction my life is taking and I want to talk to about it..

I’m stuck in the house with my family all day and I honest don’t want to bore them thoughts of chronic illness, and arthritis and “hey I used my cane today”.., they know that.. THEY WERE THERE..

I just want to express myself and maybe encourage another young mom that may have a cane in the corner to use sis…

the relief I felt..

The relief instant trumped the stares I thought I was going to get.

I think more often than not WE ARE our biggest critics..

Don’t nobody care about my lil cane.. ‘The covid is out there.

Thank you for reading✌🏾

If you’re looking for a cane I totally recommend Kinggears. Portable, Affordable, comes in pink and sturdy!

What more do you need?

Be blessed✌🏾


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