How I plan to fight fibromyalgia

Last month my entire life change when I was two chronic illnesses. I was diagnosed Fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

I had been suffering for MONTH and I didn’t know why.

My body was constantly in pain and I was tired.

When I say tired, I mean.. I felt like a cellphone on 20% when I was waking up in the morning.

No, I felt like like I had sandbags on my body every morning when I woke up and I had been in a bar fight the night before with Mike Tyson… and I obviously I lost..

I was frustrated and ashamed because honestly, I had know for sometime that I had arthritis..

Not rheumatoid arthritis, but I knew I had Osteoarthritis due to my time in the military.

I’m disabled veteran and I had been cashing a check for “bone inflammation” since my 20’s the V.A I Never read the whole packet.. I just cashed my check I was young and dumb and I did not take care of my arthritis like I should have.

I would have studied osteoarthritis more.. but hindsight is 2020.

I’m going to be better NOW… anyways.. moving right along fast forward to the fibromyalgia..

When I was given both of these diagnoses I wasn’t given much education or support so I took matters into my own hands and I decided I was going to fight back!

This is my life and my body and I deserve happiness.. even through the pain!

I demand it!

I fought too hard to be happy and I wasn’t about to let fibro, have my joy.

I wasn’t going to just lay there in pain all day I was going to continue to live the life I always lived.

I noticed the I was starting to lose my mobility and my right knee and hip were giving out and swollen, I also noticed that Fibromyalgia has a lot of symptoms.

Fibromyalgia is more than just pain..

I decided to go on Amazon and purchase myself a fibromyalgia journal to track my symptoms so I can let doctors know what pain levels are and what medications are working etc..

The journal was only $8.99.

We are living in a time where we aren’t seeing our physicians face to face.

They are just prescribing medications left and right, I decided to document these medications which meds work and which meds do not work.

It’s pointless to just take pills for the sake of pills.

I’ve been using it at night before bed and it’s very beneficial.

I have appointments pretty much weekly so this comes in handy.

I also purchased myself some hand weights

I did this because a lot of the medications they place you on make you gain weight and I’ve so tired lately I don’t have the energy to exercise and that is so not like me.

I used to work out 2 hours a day.

With a baby strapped to me🤣

I actually run a fitness group with over 12k people

(I’m not even bragging I’m just trying to give you an example of what my life what like before fibromyalgia took over)

I was a very active person now I feel lucky if I can work out 15 minutes broken up into 5 minute intervals throughout my day.

I cry in the shower sometimes, because I don’t have the energy to complete the shower.

It’s that bad.

I get so confused because I don’t understand how I can go from being a person that could work out 2 hours a day to having to mentally prepare myself to take a shower.

That’s why I cry.

I know this isn’t me.. it looks like me.. it isn’t me.

I won’t let this win..

I purchased the weights to tone my arms and keep myself motivated to workout out.

My victory this week was that I worked out 20 minutes every day this week.

(I had to break into 5 minute sessions but I did it!)

2lbs weights are basically toning weights and great for cardio and dance which I love!

I’m just trying to get some since of normalcy back and it’s just good for people with arthritis and fibromyalgia to keep moving the weights were only $11.99 but that’s a small price to pay for feeling like myself again.

I also purchased “Fibromyalgia for Dummies” because like I said… these physicians are just talking to me on the phone.. sending meds in the mail and not really explaining to me what’s going on with my body..

I mean I had to Buy myself a cane

Can you imagine!?!

Number one.. I thought my doctor was supposed to this for me?!?

Number 2.. I’m’s a bit of a mind fuck..but my hip hurts fuck my mind🤣 but I can’t lie, it does cross my mind that I’m 35 on a cane but my hip hurts so bad I don’t care honestly.

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster.

I was cleaning the fridge and my hip gave out.

I was in so much pain, I was embarrassed.. and in pain but most embarrassed I’m 35 and my hip is giving out in front of my family.

I realized I needed help.. I had to order a cane.

It was a tough moment to face mentally but I had.

I had a very noticeable limp, that I jokingly called my “pimp limp” but I was in pain and I had to be an adult and take care of my hip pain and just spent $25 and relieve my hip pain.

When I say relief.. it felt so much better and it WAS what I needed.

I had to face the fact, I AM disabled.

I can no longer hide that.

I have to live in my truth.

I have had to adjust to a lot physically, emotionally and mentally in the last month.

I have had to cope with the fact that my body doesn’t want to to the things that it used to.

I am coping with the fact that I am unable to stand longer than 10 or 15 minutes without pain so severe I need to sit or shift my weight and I’m only 35 years old.

I had to cope with the fact to worked so hard I became disabled… that’s a lot to grasp..

I’m mentally coping with the fact that I worked so hard I curved my deformed my spine and have scoliosis.

I also have to emotionally deal with the fact that fibromyalgia pain and illness..

But I refuse to let it over take me..

I went right on to Amazon because I knew I could find things within reason to make life with my chronic illness easier.

I was right, I found a cane that perfectly matched my personality, I picked up ““Fibromyalgia Journal” , some 2lb weights a copy of ““Fibromyalgia for Dummies” and kept it pushing

You don’t have to be a victim of your own life.

I realize that I have physical limitations and I am going to face problems but there’s way too much internet for me to sit here and not educate myself about my condition and do something about what’s going on with my body.

That’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I’m just going to live what day at a time like I did before.. some days hurt more than others and when they do I notify my physicians or go to the urgent care.

I wanted to write this post for other young mothers that might have fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis or other form of arthritis and they don’t know they have options.

You don’t have to just stay home..

You life doesn’t end because of a diagnosis..

You just have decide how you’re going to navigate things?

Are you going to give up? Or are going to continue to be fabulous? I choose to be fabulous..

Amazon has really cute and the Goodwill super cute sneakers you can still live your best life.

Having a chronic illness or disability doesn’t stop you living it just makes your life a little different.

I hope you enjoy day✌🏾

Be blessed, light and love to you.

(This post contains affiliate links)

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