Dear Disney, or whatever company wants to make us another princess movie….

Sooooo I was sitting with my daughters watching “The Princess and the Frog” for millionth time, and while I appreciate Tiana.

I downright love and adore her

She IS our first black Disney Princess.

I remember being so excited when the film was released.

I took Brooklyn to see it twice in theaters.

We brought every toy, every T-shirt, every dress.

Everything with Tiana.. we own it.. to this day..

Just the fact we saw a beautiful black princess in the stores on the shelves and we our skin on the screen.

I cried. I was literally in the theater holding my child’s hand weeping because there was a black princess on the screen reflecting back at us for once.

We felt seen, loved, wanted, cherished.

We didn’t even noticed that for 3/4 of the movie she’s animal.

As the years pass.

You keep watching you start to realize things about the film…

Why does Tiana have to work like a slave?

and before you give me Cinderella.. I’m asking can we have a black Queen that enjoys her crown?

There have been so many Disney Princesses that had lives with no struggle can we have a black queen that just has a life with No struggle?

Can we have a Princess that gets swept off her felt and gets to enjoy beauty and crown?

Can we have a princess that gets the guy and has him cater to her.

Can we see that chivalry isn’t dead for black woman and that we can treated with kindness and that are deserving of love and we are deserving of tender affection and courtship.

It’s not that I’m ungrateful of “The Princess and the frog” I’m really not.

I appreciate for it was at the time.

I appreciate it for what it represents to my daughters.

But I also see the holes and the problems.

Black women shouldn’t have just WORK to death all the time in these movies.

Maybe I’m just tired of seeing the “overworked” black woman narrative.

Why can’t we come from royalty to being with?

Can we have that cartoon please?

Why do we have to start from the bottom.. workin’ from the gutter..

“Daddy always said if I worked REAL HARD…”

Now, don’t get me wrong.. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with hard work and fighting for your dreams.

I’m just saying I would love to see a movie with a black woman being the center of attention and she’s working her ass off.

I would love little black girls to know they are beautiful and capable of being loved with being a slave to a man… or a slave to a job.. or a dream or anything..

I will always love Tiana because she opened the door for Disney Princesses of color.

A door that had been closed so tightly for decades that even changing the color of a fictional mermaid sends the country into a frenzy.

I adore Tiana.

What I dislike is the fact the never got to enjoy her crown.. we never got to see her be happy as a Princess with her prince.

We never got to see their courtship…

They were frogs.. all we have is fan fiction..

It’s a bit disheartening to think that perhaps Disney views us as animals..

Maybe that’s why Tiana was a frog the whole time..

I hate to think that way but black women are never the standard of beauty.. so when you’re not the standard and you FINALLY get a movie and you’re a FROG.. the whole time..

And maybe I’m watching the movie and dealing with my own personal Issues but I’m tired of seeing women work THAT hard.. “if you work really hard your dreams will come true”


When you’re ready to give us an actual movie with a real black love story.. with you know a plot, romance, love, character..

Not just some “Color Purple”

“All all I HAD TO FIGHT” bullshit.. we won’t accept it!

There is more to being black than just the struggle.

I wish Hollywood would recognize that.

They won’t recognize it because it lines their pockets.

Hollywood profits off black pain.

Hollywood gets off on slavery.. black trauma is like porn, they get off on it and collect the fattest check.

The black experience is so much more than just hard work, sacrifice and gun play.

We love, we care, we are complex human beings capable of more than just WORK, SEX AND VIOLENCE.

Society has conditioned everyone to believe that, black culture is nothing more than that but there is so much more to our story than that.. so much more to love than that.. isn’t there. Think of your own love story.

There should have been more to Tiana than just one dimension..

But what I know I’m a just mom burnt out on a Disney Movie…


  1. I definitely see where you’re coming from. I’ve seen this film quite a few times also and noticed the same issues you pointed out. The portrayal of a woman from a certain background is usually quite flawed and sends out certain messages to plant seeds in a young viewers mind without us even initially realising! This is a great post that I thoroughly enjoyed reading!😁

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