WAP RANT: the only men who hate the song are wet ass pussies.. yeah I said it.. not sorry

If you can’t handle the word “Pussy” this ain’t the post for you.

This post is for the grown ups!

We are going to talk about sex!


You don’t have problem with that do you?

Unless you live under a rock you’ve seen or heard the song “WAP” “Wet ass Pussy” by Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion..

It’s a 🗣SONG by two young women openly glorifying their genitals.

Something male rappers have openly done since males rappers have put paper to pen, and we’ve danced.

No one has been upset.

Not one person has taken to twitter, no one has shed a tear.

But let a woman talk about her “Wet ass pussy” and her come the men!

First of all.. Who asked Robby Starbuck anything..

he’s from Temecula just like me and honestly as black woman I know exactly what it’s like growing up in this having to be extremely sexually repressed in an all white conservative town and having white men like Robby use me for my “Wet ass pussy” and throw me away like I was nothing because I wasn’t white..

It happened all the time.

Shut up Robby no one asked you for you DRY ASS OPINION.

It’s always some musty ball having man, trying to insert his opinion where it doesn’t belong.

Didn’t no body ask you ROBBY!

stay out the PUSSY ROBBY!

The men he names are allllll Misogynistic trash who do nothing but rap about the size of their penis!

It’s kills me that rap is completely fine with talking about raping women, robbing liquor stores, murdering people but “Wet ass pussy” is what is destroying society.

Actually the fact that these young women are free to openly express themselves and talk about their vaginas is a good thing.

10 years ago you had to just shut up and take it when a man said and did whatever he wanted to you body.

We had 1 song about taking control “Gettin’ some head”

There are have been countless songs by men degrading our bodies “Sweet black pussy” songs shouting about shouting cum from the windows to the walks, till sweat drips down his testicles…

BUT… we draw the line the at these young women enjoying sex.

Aint that a bitch.

Many of the songs we grew up to in the 90’s and 00’s had us singing and saying the utmost.

“Slob on my knob.. like corn on the cob”

And y’all worried about some “Wet ass pussy”

Just say you hate women and be done with life.

I’ve been so upset about this topic because I know what it’s like to be slut shamed and called every name in the book simply because you enjoy sex.

Safe sex at that!

If you’re honest about the topic.


It was very confusing for me growing up because I was a bit of a tomboy, a lot of my friends were guys.

They were hooking up with girls left and right and there were no consequences for them, but when I did the same thing.. I was a “hoe” and if I lie about hooking up with someone that was even worse!

I was just trying to protect what little “rep” I had.

at one point I was like fuck it, I don’t even care.. y’all ain’t in my draws!

Why should I feel bad because I like the boys and the boys like me!

Y’all don’t pay my bills!

what’s so sad.. it wasn’t even a crazy number of boys I was just so ashamed of the fact I was sexually active and people knew.

I wanted to die.

Literally. I wanted to kill myself because people knew I had sex.

Could imagine how lame that would have been….

To kill myself over some good pussy!

I can laugh now but that shit was not funny back then!

Slut shaming is a thing and it’s real in the black community especially.

It’s hard being a young black women who has control of her sexuality.

There is nothing wrong with being a sexual human and that is always taught to young men but it’s not taught to young women.

When we express ourselves sexual we are immediately shamed and that shit needs to stop!

Black women should be allowed to in control of their sexuality with out being called HOES or being told they are the downfall of society!

In white community they don’t care about your hoe status hell they celebrate it!

But it’s not the same for little black girls especially back then.

Seeing young women own who they are, take their sexuality by the balls and be so bold.

Men may not see it as empowering.. newsflash.. everything isn’t about MEN!

Yes the song is about SEX! It’s about “Wet ass pussy” but years ago women didn’t have the freedom to be this expressive with their bodies.

I hate men just write this off as “stripper rap” because there is so much more going on here but they choose not to see it because they just don’t want to.

There’s a movement that they don’t understand because they can’t behind it and fuck it!

The movement is fucking them and they don’t like it.

They don’t like not having the power anymore.

That’s what the problem is.

We’re on top.

We have control of our own bodies.

We’re saying how we like it, where we want it, how rough we want and if you can’t cut it.. pull it out and leave!

They’re so threatened they can’t measure up they don’t even want to perform.

The only men that hate “Wet ass pussy” are the men who can’t make it.

If you are threatened by a woman who is in control of her sexuality and isn’t threatened by her sexuality.

You sir are a pussy your damn self and you need to see a gynecologist because you stink!

I’m so tired of men telling women what they should do and think and feel with THEIR bodies.

How we should behave sexually, like they know.

They couldn’t find the G-spot with gps, a mirror and fucking guided tour.. back out the pussy and let us just twerk to this cute song for the summer.

Any man that gets irate about this song I just automatically assume you haven’t made your girl cum orally, digitally or penetratively ever… she’s acting boss.. her shits dry and you probably got money that’s why she’s with you..

There’s no real man out here that damn upset about a song about pussy when there’s sooo many violent songs about dick.. I won’t even get started.

I mean you can probably name one in your head right now without even prompting but please let’s get irate about ONE VAGINA SONG PLEASE..

We can’t even have an orgasm without men getting man it’s ridiculous!

They know “Wet pussy” is good thing right?

Ugh 😑

I swear to God I only like 3 men..

And I’m not telling which 3


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