Amazon has the cutest sunnies! (For the low)

Before we get started… there’s some affiliate links in this post.. 👀 now we got that out that way🤣

I am a currently OBSESSED with oversized sunglasses! They’ve always been apart of my look since forever and a day. I just LOVE accessories.. but sunglasses are one of my favorites because their so simple, yet so dramatic😎

I’ve always like to emulate the looks of 60’s, 70’s

The bigger, the better, the bolder, the wilder, the more fun and extravagant.. I love them!

And Amazon has them at prices that I just adore!

These gold frame mirror lens stunners are called the “Elton John” and they’re only $13.99 (with prime)

My next favorite pair of sunnies I purchased this summer were these

Who doesn’t love a little Oversized cat-eye drama?!

Am I right? and for just $18.99 these gorgeous sunglasses are a steal! I love that all of these sunglasses are under $20!

That’s amazing! A nice pair of sunglasses can run you into the hundreds sometimes 😐

Every time I wear these sunglasses I get compliments and people can’t believe I got them from amazon!

They’re so beautiful, lightweight and stunning, comfortable, show-stopping and 🗣AFFORDABLE!

Finally my new babies….

Oversized Rimless Pink Heart Sun Glasses these were only $6.99

I had to have them because they are ADORABLE 😩and $6.99

They’re easy to clean, light weight and just fun!

I’ve always been a huge fan of amazon because you can find absolutely anything but I’ve become even more of fan because their accessories for the low🙌🏾

I’m all about balling on a budget and looking cute without breaking the bank and amazon really makes that possible.

I’m surprised I didn’t do sooner actually! Now I might be obsessed 😬

Which pair of glasses did you like the most?

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