Faux leather leggings styled 3 ways

Please excuse my 🗣Gon’ get outta here with that bullshit face😒 that was my mood🤷🏾‍♀️ before I begin this post contains affiliate links….

It be that way sometimes…


Let’s talk about these leggings y’all!

I purchased these faux leather leggings from amazon and I have to say they are probably the best investment I’ve made for my fall wardrobe so far.

You see.. I really wanted some of those faux leather leggings from Spanx..

But $98.00!

will the leggings comfort me in the night??! What do they do for $98!

They are 🗣LEGGINGS but they are spanx.. I get it..

but the way my budget it set up..

These $22 Amazon’s “SPANK” me just fine and I styled them with some great outfits and I was happy…

They are VERY comfortable!

They hold their shape and they don’t cost $98..

I was actually surprised that I wasn’t all hot and sweaty in these leggings, they are very breathable and wear well throughout a California fall day (that differs WILDLY from any other fall day across the country or anywhere else 🤣🤷🏾‍♀️)

I was actually surprised at the quality of the leggings for the price they are sturdy, well made and held up after a few washes in cool water and not being in the dryer..

Not bad for a $22 purchase.

I know these leggings will be in heavy rotation,

They are something you can dress up or down.

They are high waisted so you can throw a cute crop and heels and some earrings and really play these bad boys ups.

They are a very fun pair of leggings!

If you’re going to add one edgy piece your wardrobe this fall/winter I would totally recommend faux/leather Leggings!

They’re like the gift that keep on giving 🤣

Anyways I wore them with I styled them very casually with a sweater shirt, a sweater and T-shirt this go around but honestly with a pair of black faux leather leggings the possibilities are endlessly.

You just have to let you imagination take you you🖤

Thank you for spending time with me🌈

Go enjoy you closet I bet you have some amazing things in there 👀

Oh yeah the shoes

They’re from NastyGal.com $34.99 aren’t they just delicious!


I’ll talk to you all later thank you so so much for the support and be super to check out those faux leather leggings! You won’t be sorry!


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