Safe to say I’m a Nasty Gal

Every since I made my first purchase from Nasty I was hooked!

The heels were one of a kind.

They were called “Money, Money, Money” and for only $31.20 they were worth every penny.

I was in love at first sight.

When I tried them on I didn’t want to take them off!

That first purchase was like a gateway drug..I found myself purchasing graphic tee dresses, and workout clothing.. you name it I needed it. I had it bad for Nasty Gal! literally has everything for really great prices.

Y’all know I love a great deal!

I’m still able to live a phat life on skinny budget when shopping on because there’s always a sale!

I also enjoy that the clothing is true to size and despite being budget friendly it’s very well made and holds up after a few washes which is something I always look for especially when you’re buying clothing online and it’s “budget friendly” if you catch my drift..

it’s safe to say I’m definitely going to be a repeat costumer and you’re going to be seeing a lot of Nasty Gal hauls.

Nasty Gal actually carries everything from clothing, shoes.. to intimate items.. yep they have vibrators on that site.. you can be a full out NASTY GAL.. and we applaud that here.. ain’t nothing nasty about touching yourself.. that’s stress relief.. but that’s for another time..anywhoo

Nasty Gal has so many edgy looks from from people that I enjoy.. I mean come on this “Purple Rain” shirt is iconic 🗣IT’S PRINCE and I think I paid less than $10 for it on sale one day.. it was a steal..once again, true to size and didn’t shrink in the wash .. very good quality for the price.Another of my favorite looks is this Mick Jagger Graphic T dress complete steal for $12.99 paired perfectly with thrifted boots and jacket.. mixed a little old with the new.. bada Bing.. bada boom.. moves like Jagger!

Nasty has become my new go to outside of the goodwill and Depop when it comes to shopping.

It’s been really fun waiting for those packages to arrive and styling my new pieces.

I’m obsessed y’all.. and you know how I get when I’m obsessed.. I’m reading books by the site owner.. she’s brilliant by the way..

Sophia Armoruso.. The founder of Nasty

THAT Sophia Amoruso.. the book is PHENOMENAL..

(I’m gonna review on the blog later) anyways.. checkout snoop around and look at the beautiful clothing.

There is so much stuff there you’ll “add to cart” and hate me for it..

Enjoy your day ✌🏾

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