“Manhunters” review

My current guilty pleasure is “Manhunters” starring Mike Ferguson and Twana Barnett-Ferguson as married bounty hunters who kick ass and take names weekly…. it’s like crack..

I was hooked at the first choke slam.

My God it was glorious 😍

You feel like you’re apart of the conversations with Mike and Twana…think cops… but a lot more ass whooping.

you learn about the perp..the case the first episode takes place at strip club and it’s HILARIOUS 😆

The dialogue on this show is truly quite humorous I was in TEARS the first five minutes because Mike had described a stripper as a “Tiny” dancer.

This was the subject he had to procure for his bounty so that was kind of hilarious to me.

I also really enjoyed the banter and chemistry between Mike and Twana there were a lot of jokes between the two of them and it was very endearing.

The adrenaline inducing couple makes you feel like your right next to them as the action is occurring.

As they begin to introduce and interrogate witnesses and potential suspects you feel your heart start to race a little, you begin to look around the location and you want it to get rowdy because you want something to go to down!

The first episode there’s a manager Monty

He’s just six kinds of awful and well.. Mike slapped that man so hard I felt bad watching…

But I watched again..

And shouted “WHOOP HIS ASS” real loud

But that’s what this show does to you… you don’t realize you’re cheering for that but are and it’s ok…

It’s a wonderful show…I’m a fan!

It’s 41 minutes of pure fun and guilty tantalizing bounty hunting pleasure.

like I said …f you like cops with a lot ass whoopin’ you will totally love “Manhunters” it’s action packed, the storylines are great and dialogue is hilarious.

Tune in to popstaronline.com each week for new episodes and every week is crazier than the next and I didn’t think Twana tackling a giant man could topped but to quote the late great Billie Mays “but wait there’s more..” hookers there’s always 🗣HOOOKERS and Bikers y’all just start watching “Manhunters” with me it’s super good, I really enjoyed watching totally binge worthy doesn’t feel like 40 minutes at all you start begging people to touch Mike so he can “just do his job”

“Manhunters” is TOTALLY addictive just watch one episode and let me know what you think in the comments…

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