Black lipstick review

I finally got the confidence to wear black lipstick and it’s been a wonderful journey.

It’s safe to say black is my signature color. That being said I realized over the last couple weeks not all black lipsticks are created equally… I’m super picky and I’ve gone through 3 tubes already.

So I decided to compile a little review.

There’s a few things I don’t like in a lipstick.

I don’t like when my lips feel heavy and weighed down.

I don’t like when the lipstick is sticky, I also don’t like when you can see my lip color peeking through if that makes any sense.. let me show you a picture…

You see how you can see my lip color peeking through.. I don’t like that at all!

I like full rich color, my entire lip filled in.

I like that..

Don’t you!!😌

I will be reviewing 3 lipsticks “#845 Pitch Black” by Maybelline , “void” by Killstar and “24” by Nyx cosmetics

Before I begin I purchased these cosmetics on my own I was not compensated for this review*

Now that is out the way let’s begin.

I’ll start with

Maybelline “845 Pitch Black creme matte lipstick

You never forget your first.. this was my first black lipstick purchase.

$5.74 at Walgreens and again at Walmart because I never felt so beautiful and confident I wanted a tube at home and a tube in my purse so I could reapply on the go.I felt good.. I felt alive and vibrant. It’s amazing what finding the right color will do for you.

I really liked the pigmentations of the lipstick upon inspection.

The smooth application is smooth.

You do have to apply it several times for the true color to appear so there’s that and in these times I have to be honest as soon as you put on a mask this lipstick fails the test.

It’s a traditional lipstick so it sent me looking for more lipstick the very next day which actually opened my eyes to the fact that there aren’t many black lipsticks just readily available in my town.

It sent me on a mission to find a better black lipstick, one that stayed in place.


Nyx “liquid suede”cream lipstick “24”


it was the lipstick of my dreams. It applies with a wand for more precise application and the cover is so full no break through lip action..

Just stand alone lip color and the price was under $10 at Walgreens.

It holds up to the mask test. I don’t find myself constantly reapply after I take of my mask. It’s a very well made lipstick for the price.

Light weight, no gooey build up, just pure color for hours at a time.

Also it doesn’t run onto your straw or cup..

It stays in place all day, it’s a very durable lip color.

Last but certainly not least

Killstar’s Coven liquid lipstick in “void”

At $14.99 it’s the the priciest lipstick on the list but let me tell you it’s worth every penny.

It stays put, it colors on the first application, no break through at all. It dries so light weight it smells like chocolate… I’m not kidding.. it smells like chocolate..

It’s just got such a rich and smooth text on your lips. It really a phenomenal lipstick and favorite of the three.

If I have to purchase another lipstick again I would definitely purchase the “Void” by Killstar because it was the best of all the three.

Best application, smoothest appearance, light weight and it doesn’t hurt to smell like chocolate.


  1. I am a great fan of dark shade lipsticks. I have a wide range of violets, but could never try the black shades, although I have always wanted to use one. I gained a bit of confidence about black lipsticks after going through your pictures. They are stunning!


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