“Glam Goth Beauty” Review

I’m completely obsessed with everything “Glam Goth” right now …

I mean look at her 😍 this is ““Marley” aka “the glam goth” owner of “Glam goth beauty”

It’s a little embarrassing but I fall asleep watching her videos right now..

I’m that obsessed. I mean I didn’t have “Marley” growing up..

I was a black girl in the suburbs..

I wanted to be her.. I listened to the rock music, I had tattoos I had all the ingredients but I was just so afraid of what “people might think” Marley isn’t afraid and that’s why I love Marley!

Marley (Michelle Oblitey) is a young with a cosmetic line that I had to support because I wanted to find make that was highly pigmented number one and when I was searching the tag “#glamgoth

These photos of Marley showed up on Instagram and actually showed the SHE EXISTED and I was so happy! This is how I always wanted to look! I was floored I couldn’t stop looking at her pictures and the fact she had a cosmetic line, fashion, even knives I was like This young woman was a mogul and I had to support her my birthday was coming so I dropped some coin her store.

“The 7 deadly sins palette by Glam Goth beauty”

This is the best $35 I’ve ever spent in my life on makeup…period.

The pigmentations of every single shade is BANANAS!

Every color is named after “The 7 deadly sins” plus one because there’s 8 pots of color

It’s stunning! There’s a mirror for applying as well this is really a beautiful set.. I’m telling you the best $35 I’ve ever spent makeup it’s very good quality. Creamy application, little to no fallout, just super eyeshadow this is black girl dream come true eyeshadow!

She did this!! I been playing in this for days I stayed up to write a makeup review on a Friday night.. that a bad ass eyeshadow.

What I enjoy the most about the eyeshadow is I’m able to use it so many ways it’s a very versatile palette and they colors are pigmented and for what I’m trying to achieve that’s amazing so A plus on this palette! I was actually convinced by the Glam goth herself the buy the “7 deadly sins” palette she uses the palette in nearly every video and it looks stunning and I HAD to have that palette to achieve my looks.

(In my mind at least)

Glam Goth Scarlet vanity and Mirror

I purchased a vanity and mirror to keep my lashes and help me with my makeup and this mirror just looks really cool!

The vanity is very durable and able to holds many time items,I’m glad I purchased this item.

The velvet it smooth, very well made nicely crafted good zipper, it’s a very good bag.

The logo is stitched neatly on the front which I just adore that was a huge selling point for me it can just used as decoration if you want. It’s that’s cute.

It’s about to carry a full face of makeup on the go. It’s a nice sized bag.

The vanity was $25 and the Mirror was $15 at the time they came together as set on sale so I suggest you wait for a sale.. currently her stock is sold out on a lot of things.. she’s very popular, so I suggest you check back often.

The the “Glam Goth” mirror is adorable on your mirror I love looking at it when I get ready in the morning not on that that it’s a great investment for travel, it’s so soft and there’s a little pocket inside you can keep anything you want in there it’s a really great bag.

“Maneater and Heroine Diamonds

I picked up some “diamonds” that’s what she calls her glitter that she wears in the glamorous eyeshadow she has in her pictures.

I wanted to live my best “diamond” life too! The diamonds are $8.00 a piece and worth every penny.

The “Diamonds” are used to elevate your daily makeup and they more than do the job,

I’m telling you “Glam goth” beauty products really just take your look to the next level,

I did this eye makeup for my birthday and I got so many compliments from just random people, I told them where I got my got my glitter and I was super proud of my glitter 🧐 glitter is a whole mood.

Diamond Primer

The diamond primer is the adhesive that goes before the diamonds it’s NECESSARY and it’s outstanding! You will love this! I have used other brands and this is by far the best. Trust me.

I love this everything about glam goth you can tell “Marley” Michelle Oblitey really cares about single detail of her brand and loves what she does because it shows in her videos, it shows, in her Instagram and in her products.

It’s across the board, it’s refreshing to see a black woman with such a beautiful brand thriving this way,

There a video where Marley talks about being an alternative black woman.. I connected with that so hard.

I needed that video.

I needed that video to know it was ok to be myself and I think that’s why I support Marley so hardcore.

I wish I had that swag, I think everyone who orders does.

Hollywood and Sirens Lashes

I purchased two sets of lashes the “Hollywood” and the “siren” and I never felt more beautiful I wore the siren on my birthday along with the “maneater” Diamonds”

I will be supporting Goth Glam from now

I really admire what she’s about, I love her energy, I love the aesthetic of the brand and the products are absolutely high quality.

I don’t mind spending money on things that are good quality and last a long time.

The color “death” is the darkest pigmented black I have ever used in an eyeshadow EVER so it’s not like my money is going to waste it a really good product.

You get so much for $35 it’s incredible and the costumer service is outstanding,

I made a mistake on a order…

And they were so friendly emailed me back and didn’t make me feel like an idiot… so sweet,

This company is amazing I’m telling you.

If you’re like me and into alternative makeup, alternative fashion, style and make then you’ll absolutely love “Glam goth beauty”

And be sure to follow @theglamgoth and subscribe to The glamgoth on YouTube

I promise you will not be disappointed she is everything goth, glamour and black girl magic.

I hope you support and enjoy 🖤

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