“Capture, Kill, Release” Review

  • I had the pleasure of viewing “Capture, Kill, Release” starring Jennifer Fraser and Farhang Ghajar as married couple who plot to randomly kill a stranger…
  • Yeahhhhhhhh…..
  • Sooo the next time you’re at Starbucks… and that cute little hipster couple that’s giggle and looking at you while stirring their latte… they’re probably plotting you’re demise… Jennifer had these mannerisms when incredible she sank deeper and deeper into role of psychopath and you tell she sorta relished in it…
  • And the cinematography.. made it feel so real..
  • Farhang on the other hand, as handsome as he is he wavers in and backing Jennifer and you can see that through the movie, he’s a really strong actor though both actors a very strong.
  • I’m very impressed by this
  • I was throughly engrossed in the entire film because of the opening.. we’re all like Jennifer in a way.. filming our own “documentary” so I was intrigued why is she filming everything? as you continue watching you realize this couple is plotting to murder an innocent person!
  • There’s a scene where you can see just how warped this woman is..she begins dancing with a power tool..and it dawns on you “They’re gonna kill a person!”
  • You loose yourself in the story and find yourself screaming at the screen wanting to save the victims but they can’t heard you…I’m telling this movie leaves you screaming
  • I loved this movie.

    There’s so much about “Capture, Kill, Release” that I want to talk about that can’t even fit into one post, normally I watch movies 3 times to review them… but with this one I only had to watch it once because it was so so unique the plot was different and honestly I was like “What did I just watch?!?!” I didn’t have to watch it again it’s one of those movies it’s one of those movies that will leave you thinking for DAYS LATER LIKE…

    I love like THAT!

    Anyway so these two have been obsessed with plotting the murder of real life human being… they go the hardware store with a camera and what I love about the cinematography of the film is it’s true to society right now, we can’t live or breath unless we go “live” it didn’t happen.. that’s what struck me about the way this film was shot.. it’s almost as if a vlogger’s point of view shot the entire thing even when the murdering is taking place you see it happening from that the camera’s point of view and it’s passed around between Farhang and Jennifer as they do the do.. it’s intense..

    You’re like “WHY THE FUCK AM I HERE!”

    It’s intense movie but you can’t look away… I couldn’t shut my laptop 🤷🏾‍♀️ I totally recommend! Watching “Capture, Kill, Release “ whenever you’re streaming tonight you won’t be disappointed!

    I am a huge fan of independent films and this one was one the made me proud, the acting, the plot, the direction…it was all phenomenal definitely something I had to share with you all because I couldn’t get it out of my brain… just such a Wild film!!

    If you’re looking for something scary to watch “Capture, Kill, Release is one you’ll enjoy.

    I know I did💚

    Thank you for reading 🖤


    1. A friend gave me her old Kindle a while back and it had loads of books on it. One of them was a story like this, about a couple plotting to find someone to kill. Can’t remember the name of it. But I was…WTF did I just read? Not sure I’d want to watch it played out on screen… Also made me question my friend’s reading choices lol.

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