“The Box” Review

I just had the pleasure of viewing a film that I’m sure many artists would throughly enjoy.

“The Box” is a psychological thriller written, directed and produced by the very talented Sasha Sibley, and starring Graham Jenkins this film is throughly engrossing and plays on most of the populations primal fear of being trapped alone in a house and ending up in life alone.

The film starts out with The main character Tyler, a 25 year old struggling actor who loves his craft auditioning for a role.

If you’re an actor.. you’ve been through this vomit inducing dog and pony show.

Graham exudes anxiety through the screen, without even uttering a word, just his body language carries the opening scene and sets the tone anxious, we know this young man has a dream.. every actor does, every audition could be “the one”but you’re unsure of what exactly “these people” behind THIS desk are looking for and you sense that a scene and every actor…

Hell every person with an out of the box career of dream has felt what this young man is feeling.

in every scene where Graham Jenkins portrays Tyler you see him practicing and you sense the urgency in him.

Is he gonna make it? You really get feelings for this character right away, you emotionally bond. You see him running lines in the mirror, he’s got tones going and inflections in voice, you really see that this young man has passion for his craft and career he loves what he does, it’s more than just “acting” to him it’s EVERYTHING! You can see that just in the way Mr Jenkins portrays Tyler.

This movie has a bit of a “Groundhog day” feel to it and I enjoy that.. but there’s more going on in this film.

He’s got bills, a landlord you see him losing hope like two minutes into the film you can feel it.

There’s a “Booming” voice you get the feeling that this movie is going to have a lot deep meaning than what it does just from the beginning and it really does.

The “The Box” deals with Tyler just wanting to work to make ends meet nearly sacrificing his life working a double shift just to pay rent.

We’ve all been there…


“The Box” basically holds a mirror up to society, Tyler could be switched out for anyone and an “actor “could be switched out for any profession and it’s really a young man afraid to become more and afraid to be alone and in the end not being satisfied with his career.

Tyler accepts the role of a lifetime as “Lewis” in “The Box”.

He wakes up in a house filled with mirrors and wind chimes that grant wishes.. the torment in Graham Jenkins face as he is acting is palpable, he’s pained, he’s tortured, you can feel him. It’s quite moving to see an actor giving the way he did in short time he teeters between his own sanity,insanity, mortality all in a box.

It’s really exhilarating to see one man in a room with objects and his emotions.

In some scenes you flash between Tyler being judged as an actor which forces you to have even more humanity for him and makes you dive into your own personal experiences if you have any..

You go through so much with this young man in “The Box” you understand why he took the role.. why he’s in the box.

What I really enjoyed about this film was the writing, the plot and the act… I guess that’s the entire film.

This is truly something that I feel a lot of creatives have felt of really related to. Being trapped in their own box of fear.

Tyler on several occasions in the film wanted to run back to what was familiar, a lover that was familiar, he turned the role when he left his home in the first place to be an actor!

Tyler was his own roadblock and his biggest fear was being alone and he didn’t want the role because it a role completely alone.

Once, Tyler conquered the fear of being alone he truly wasn’t satisfied with acting……

It was like he was warning us the whole time!

I really enjoyed this film! “The Box” is available for streaming NOW on all platforms I think it’s a film everyone will enjoy but especially artists and anyone pursuing a dream, fearing taking that next step this a movie that would really relatable to that crowd.

We’ve all been Tyler.

Or if you’re not careful you can become Tyler.

We’ve all be trapped in our own box looking for that crack or simply wanting to run away and just go back home.. because of that comfort.. because it’s easy it what we know. “The Box” directed by Sasha Sibley really neat dives in the dark pockets of loneliness that we tuck away and hide, “The Box” brings to light the root of it all is loneliness… we’re scared to be alone.

We avoid our boxes because we’re afraid to be alone in them.. well of most us.. anyway..

The ones who’ll say it out loud.

We decorate our boxes… do so many things but some can’t even fill their own boxes with love.. it’s a shame.

This movie really gets in head and makes you think about your fears and overcoming them!

Because you can!!🙌🏾🤓

Watch “The Box” wherever streaming is available.

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