It’s been a while..

I’ve wanted to come back and to be honest I haven’t known how, or what to say. I left so abruptly with so many things in the air it was just not the best of times in my life and I didn’t know how to tie off this “loose end” of “blogging” that I loved so much. blogging was so much more than an outlet it was my peace, I made friends, it became a job, so much and then… absolutely


I was battling so many things mentally and emotionally I just couldn’t bring myself to speak let alone blog. I had no friends to really to turn to, I didn’t know how to explain the extent of my despair and depression, without feeling like an albatross.. an emotional albatross.

That was soul crushing and I had to get to a place where blogging meant something to me again because well, I miss this.

I missed having friends, a community.

Blogging, writing, sharing photos and reviews is what I absolutely adore and plan to do again.

The thing is finding the time..

I work at Sephora now and I want to share the items that fly off the shelf the skin care, the primers.. I’m totally into the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush setting spray all these products can be found in store and online at

I have truly missed sharing makeup and fashion

I’ve been taking time to learn to dye human hair wigs!

I do makeup everyday I just haven’t have the time to share but I have an An iG @batmom03 it’s small but it’s growing.. I had to start all over but I’m proud to have the energy to start again.

These are the Green Day’s 😏💚 ..I’ve been in a green phase for a few days
The green wigs were all hand dyed which is something I didn’t think I would love but I really really enjoyed

I took a lot of time to really find myself and express who I am fashion wise.

I wasn’t held in a box anymore I tried everything and decided to follow my makeup dreams once I was no longer so bound by anxiety..

I struggle, but it’s not to the point I’m unable to work..

In fact I do what I love and I’m encouraged to be creative which prompted me to come back and just share some of the items I’ve been using from work recently and I love!

These are also just the basics I’ll have to do a more in depth post later.. I’m just dipping my toe back in… you know “testing the waters”

But I do want to talk about the “Dior Lip Maximizer”oil best thing I put on my lips in a long, long time! And it works!

It gives you the tingles you’re looking for in a lip maximizer and the shine you want in a lip oil. It’s also very long lasting which what want. It’s hydrating and not too sticky.

It’s price point is $40 but it’s Dior you’re paying for the branding and the packaging but with product I will say she it worth the money.

I find myself reaching for this lip maximizer over and over.

Definitely recommend.

This was a smaller haul just a blush and a little bake.. I this was my first time trying HUDA! And I became OBSESSED.. my manager put me on and I started to get the mini’s in every color..

Also nude sticks and orange blushes are big hit.. people fear colorful blush and they shouldn’t..

You have to experiment with color.. your face is your palette and you must give yourself permission you play.. even if it’s just in the privacy of your bathroom try a color. Play with a blush and change your image for just a moment..

It’s addictive and just so fun.

Anyway I’ve been away discovering just how deeply I love this all

From working at Sephora

I learn so much more about makeup that I never knew before and I really take what I do seriously to the point in the short time I’ve been there I’ve been employee of the moment

In all seriousness.. it was one of my favorite moments and just made me want to work harder and do more.

I’ve learned lately you don’t have to give into the negativity inside you and you don’t have to be on a “timeline” for happiness.

If you’re doing something that makes you happy well that’s you’re timeline congratulations.

I am so happy to be back showing you makeup and little outfits I’ll do more now.. have a great day see you on the internet streets 🖤


  1. I’m glad that you’re back. I was surprised to see your blog entry in my email, when I checked this afternoon. I’m so sad that your old IG account got hacked. Happy that you gave us the new account name!! Following you now!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg! I’m glad you’re my first comment . I figured I should update everyone with the new account it’s going to be a little tedious but I miss it an it’s something I enjoy! Thank you so much for the follow and for continuing to support you made my morning thank you so much!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve missed you, and your posts.
    Like you, I’ve found it hard to write something down to share. It’s just time. Time is all we need. Momentarily I’m taking time out from the job, and finding myself again, sharing the occasional tweet of my experiences, and I’ll be sharing those too on here eventually.
    Don’t feel the pressure to blog something, lady. Us followers of you will await the next chapter of what you’ve been up to with excitement.
    Love the hair color – I’m green with envy. ♥️💋

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