We need to talk about the treatment of black women

Society has decided that black women are so “strong” we just don’t need protection.

It’s like they had this huge meeting and black women weren’t invited but we were subject and we get to take alll the SHIT society just throws at us.

We’re never pretty enough, our hair needs a LAW in order to even come into a workplace, 42% never married and that “strong black woman” narrative that hangs around our necks like an albatross.

We can’t express our pain openly and when do society shuts us down!

We see it happening in the news RIGHT NOW!

This was a post from my Facebook about incidents involving Meg the Stallion and Keke Palmer

I know as black women, I’ve spoken up about the need to make myself smaller to fit in. Make myself “silent” so I wouldn’t be seen as an “Angry black woman” there are so many titles that society places on black women before we open our mouths some of us just keep them closed.

It becomes hard to navigate your own feelings when you don’t even know when to speak.

Society muffles the voice of the black women just because they don’t understand her, she’s just hurt, unrecognized and inconsolable from hundreds of years of infected untreated wounds, inflicted by a society that just doesn’t see her for what she is… beautiful.

Black women carry so much weight and trauma we don’t talk about we protect black men because that’s what we are taught to do, we raise families, we work hard..too hard and then we’re told we’re not “enough”

Rather we feel we are not enough. Society shows as a picture of something we will never be and says THIS.. this is beautiful and we hold it inside, arch our backs and pat our fros’ and keep it pushing.

We know it all, we teach it all, we do it all, and we make no time for ourselves.. we put ourselves on the back burner of life.

We give and we give and we often times until we are hunched over and our children are gathered around us crying about what they should have done, what they could have done, and what they didn’t do.

Who protects the black woman? Who provides for the black woman? Why is it that we are supposed to be the great martyrs for everyone and everything?

I am tired! How did I get this job and who signed me up to hold this load because I feel the weight of my ancestors and I can’t breathe.

I see the pain in my sisters eyes and we are tired. Why is it like this for us?

Why can’t black women speak freely about their trauma without it being called “clout chasing” attention seeking” or “snitching”yes you read that right.. “snitching” now speaking about being shot is snitching but I digress…

It’s really hard being a black woman in these streets..

I just want peace of mind, protection and the freedom to express the fact that hurting and healing.

Black women as a whole are healing from a lot of trauma, but it’s almost like we aren’t allowed to openly admit we are hurting without our own men shaming us for having feelings.

We need to heal as community and healing begins within.

I know personally I’m on my own journey of self love and healing and it’s hard you learn A LOT about yourself and eye opening. You learn a lot about your worth and your inner beauty.. healing is also very painful. It’s not an easy process to say “hey.. I’m healing and I’m hurting right now so please be patient with me” and I think that’s what needs to happen with black women but you can’t hear us if we are drowning ..