I’m Shayla-marie Anderson aka Batmom85!  I’m a 30 something pediatric nurse, personal vegan chef, mom and soon to be wife. I am a millennial mama on a mission to live my best life and motivate others to do the same regardless of your circumstances you are in control of your happiness. This blog and my journey are proof your dreams can take you places. Your content can take you places.

I LOVE content creation. I’m blessed to have a piece of the internet to call my own and I’m grateful.

I love showing and appreciating the beauty in everyday life. Each day lived is a blessing. I’m grateful for each every person that reads that this section. This blog is my dream come true.

Each post is created for those who have followed my journey from the day I hit publish, and for those who stumble here today from whatever social media platform.. or search engine..welcome.. I’m so glad you’re here. Have a look around and enjoy yourself! Light, love and blessings to you.


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