Batsplaining Domain Authority : What is domain Authority and how to improve it

A few days ago I took to my Instagram to celebrate the fact that my domain authority had gone up 3 points in about a 3 weeks or so.

As soon as I posted I looked in the comments and realized a lot of my blogger friends didn’t not know anything about domain Authority they were like:

That’s fine… I didn’t even know what domain Authority was until about month ago! I was scrolling and doing research on twitter and noticed a lot of the veteran bloggers and brands were mentioning DA.. (Domain Authority)

I’m noticed it everywhere!

I had no idea what it but I did a little research when I first learned what Domain Authority was I had a score of 9😅🤭 that’s ok.. I’ll explain why that ok.. after applying what I learned and I was able to boost my domain Authority up to 12 in a few weeks!

If I can do it… that means anyone. There’s hope for your blog! Let’s begin

What is domain Authority

Back in the day google use to rank web pages. That ranking would control where a page pops up in the search engine. Well.. that’s doesn’t exist anymore… what does exist is a company called MOZ. MOZ created a domain Authority it’s basically their way of saying to search “this site is knowledgeable in this area!” by giving the site a number from 0-100.. every site starts at “0” the more HIGH QUALITY, SEO rich content you create and the more sites link to your work the higher your DA.. let me further explain..

Blogger Perez Hilton has a DA of 97. The New York Times has a DA of 100… Little old me with the an 8 month old blog has a DA of 12

Having a higher domain authority just means google and other search engines find your website credible. If other sites are constantly back linking to you as a reference in your niche.. search engines know.. google is smart. It can tell if your being linked to for a specific reason.

I found out from MOZ that I was appearing in search engines for two post “The Gary Vee $1.80 instagram growth method” ( this post is where I teach others to grow their instagram by up to 100 organic and engaged followers a week in their niche with very little loss… it’s a good post..) the other post is “A night out with batmom: The Apparition Room, Temecula ca”

(I went to a local speakeasy… it was awesome)

These post were titled well and they were extremely SEO friendly. I have been working on improving my SEO.. I had previously been just writing blog post for the sake of writing.. I really didn’t know anything about SEO or why it was important. However I wanted to learn methods for increasing my blog traffic and last month I had 17 hits from search engines and it sparked something in me to learn more about SEO in order to make 17 hits in google 20.

In working to improve my SEO I unknowingly improved my DA!

I learned it’s actually very easy to improve your DA.

How to improve your DA

Once I learned that my DA was sad.. I went to YouTube university and armed myself with knowledge

I watched a video on how to improve your DA!

Basically if you produce high quality content with quality links within your post your DA will approve.

Google and other search engines will notice when other sites link to you

See that “linking domains” that means other bloggers have linked to you. The DA of the others linking to you matters as well. By Perez Hilton linking my work to his site. His DA being a 97 was like “I vouch her.. her work is legit.. she’s with me she can be in the club.” And search engines were like “cool… we’re gonna give her a little bit of rank!”

In addition to that other blogger adding me to list of “most follow bloggers” help to solidify me as someone with some kind of knowledge in the areas of blogging and social media.

I clicked the ranking the keyword button and found out I’m being discover for words “$1.80 method” “Instagram growth” and “Temecula”

That showed me that SEO and titles have a lot to do with this ranking.

After I became focused on SEO I went back and edited my older popular content that was appearing in search engines. I embedded better links and audited my keywords. I noticed my blog traffic increase on those post that I optimized.

MOZ doesn’t give the formula to how they really determine DA.. but I’m gathering that the more you appear in search engines for specific keywords the higher your DA moves.

If you want to improve your DA

Guest post to improve your domain Authority

When you guest post make sure that it’s bloggers within your niche. Google and other search engines know if your write about unicorns and then suddenly guest about cheese… that will not help your cause. Stay in your lane with guest posting.

Also you can check the DA of those you guest with MOZ gives you 10 free checks a month and you can check any websites DA. If you guest post for a blog with a higher DA that’s beneficial to you. That doesn’t mean don’t guest post with people with lower DA.. the more links you have the better I’m just saying it’s nice to have a mix of higher numbers as well. Bloggers that guest for for larger media outlets boost their DA with this guest post and features. I did a guest post recently with a page that had a DA of 45 and I really think that helped to increase me.. again MOZ doesn’t really reveal their secrets.

Keyword research will improve your domain Authority

Take time to research your blog post. If you take your time and research the topic prior to writing. See the questions being asked in search engines regarding what you want to write about before you write you can answer those questions in your post and make the questions your subtitles within the post.. google reads subheadings and subtitles.

Time will improve your DA

If you don’t have a high DA.. or you just learned about DA this moment. Don’t worry! You can improve your DA over time just by growing as blogger. Creating high quality content within your niche, participating in your blogging community by doing guest post (you can also seek out guest post.. the twitter search bar is your friend! Check out Facebook blogging groups there’s always bloggers looking for others to collaborate with) the age of your website and owning the domain have a lot to with your DA improving as well. Don’t be discouraged. Be patient and continue to educate yourself and create great content.

Writing for SEO and for your audience will improve your DA

I have honestly been doing this blogging thing all wrong 😂 as I stated before I was creating to create, I knew nothing of SEO I just wrote about whatever I enjoyed that day. That’s fine.. but if you want to be a career blogger and work with brands your DA matters.

This tweet shows a DA of 25 is equal to 10k instagram Followers! (To some brands) That’s just for a brand to work with you! My DA is 12 so I’m working to improve my DA as well. I want bloggers and brands to work with me so improving my DA as well.

Blogging is a journey there is something new to learn in blogging everyday.. a few weeks ago I had no clue what domain authority was or why it was important.. but now that I know I have to tell others so they can grow to!

Let me know if this helped you to understand DA.. next I’ll dive into PA (page authority) they’re almost similar but a little different. I’m still studying it🤘🏾

Thank you for reading!!


  1. I read this earlier, came back, and had to comment. I wanted to come back to comment so I could thank you for the information. I read all the links, watched the video, and then spent 2 hours re-creating the SEO for all my posts. The information you provided was simplistically wonderful. I even understood it. Lol. Keep putting out the great content, your posts are very helpful as always.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It will go up! Just keep at it.. I don’t want to check to often I only want to check once a month so I don’t drive myself crazy


    • Go head girl 🙌🏾 yassss DA QUEEEEEEENN when I wake up and my DA is 34.. my head won’t be able to fit through the door. I’ll be too professional and fancy! 9 years of blogging that’s awesome I can’t wait to get there


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