Goodbye October, Hello November: Social media and blog insights, goals and monthly planning

October has ended🙌🏾🥂 I had a decent month! I’m actually pleased with my content strategy results this month:Instagram Growth Strategy:

This month my instagram growth was consistent. I implemented the “Gary Vee $1.80 Instagram Growth method” and I gained 100 followers this month with very little. I’m journeying to 2k followers on my Instagram account I’m doing so by constantly engaging and creating engaging content. I had to increase my presence on the platform in order to grow. The time I spent actively consuming content in my niche was so beneficial.

I also really implemented hashtags and searching for hashtags that were relevant to content and who I was targeting. That proved to very successful. I had an Instagram post get 282 likes this month!🍾🥂 that’s my most “likes” yet!

The post was rather long

Which showed me my audience is willing to read my post. The hashtags I used were related to business blogging and thing I spoke about in the post. I use some SEO Type Strategy with my instagram post and it worked. I’m going to keep doing that on this.

I’m having a giveaway, whoever my 2k follower is they will receive a customized coffee tumbler a $25 gift card to Sephora and a journal


I have no growth issues with twitter I actually had to limit my time on twitter because twitter is super fun but the truth is it’s number 4 on bringing blog traffic for me

I’m going to continue to promote, engage and RT on twitter but I plan to focus a lot more on increasing blog traffic. Twitter is my favorite place to have fun, network work and I love it! That’s where all my friends are but in order for my blog to grow the way I need it to business I need to focus on the places brining me traffic and I personally want to understand SEO better.

Increasing blog traffic using Long Tail Keywords

This month my blog had 837 more views than it did last month🙌🏾 17 of those views came from search engines. That excited me and promoted me to learn more about writing post that show up in google.

The past 7 months I really haven’t written for search engine optimization I’ve just written to gain experience as a blogger. I heard and read everything I thought I needed to know about SEO but it seemed to overwhelming and I didn’t have the desire to try understand at the time because I was so focused on growing my social media.

Something about seeing the “17” in search engine is driving me to learn how to properly write blog post…. I’ve written 190 blog post and none of them are really optimized yet they are bringing traffic. I’m going to dive deeper into that this month.

Blogging goals for November

My goal for the blog in November is to learn Pinterest. Pinterest drives the 2 highest amount of traffic to my site behind Facebook. I run ads on Facebook so that accounts for that growth. However I really want to harness that Pinterest growth and see what it can do for my stats.

I plan to repurpose old post and improve their SEO

I plan for my views to increase by 1k.. 837 is pretty close that’s an attainable goal.

I want to break in to “20” in the search are for my blog.

I really want to learn Pinterest someone was selling a course for $20.. I believe it was in Facebook. I’m going to find that course and take it with the quickness.

IG goals: 2k all day 🙌🏾 I’m going to stay consistent and crush that goal this month hopefully.

Twitter: it would be awesome to hit 3k but I’m not stressed about it.

Blog Subscribers: 300


  1. This was a great post. Congratulations on all your success. I’m curious about your stats. Are those charts, particularly the 1st one which listed where all your views are from, from Google analytics? I wish you every success in your goals. I know you’ll do great.


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