Review: Stiiizy “Rose” Battery and Strawberry Cough Sativa Pod

Before I begin.. this is NOT a sponsored post.

I just truly love my stiiizy vape pen. I love to educate others about the tools available to them within the cannabis community. I was recently able to come out of the cannabis closet thanks to Kristen Belle admitting she uses a cannabis vape pen! Once a Disney princess revealed her cannabis use, I felt safe to talk about and educate other about cannabis. I’m so happy others are turning to cannabis as an alternative. Stiizy is great brand to start with if you’re unsure where to begin.

I started using the Stiiizy vape when it released about a year ago. My fiancé purchased a starter kit from the dispensary “Utopia” located in Temecula California We purchased at a discounted rate. I want say we pay about $35 for his Battery and my mine was gifted to me but according to website you can purchase a Rose Battery for around $25

I love trying the latest gadgets when I go to my dispensary. I found my local dispensary on Weedmaps a couple years ago when cannabis became legal in California. I go to utopia in Temecula (They text you coupons🙌🏾)

I’m typically there every Friday without hesitation but this past Friday Chris went to do my weekly pick up. I typically smoke Left Coast Cartridges and I tend to shy away from Stiizy because my dispensary only have the .5 gram pods.

I typically prefer a whole gram sometimes I’ll bite the bullet and buy 2 🙄 but I got home and was surprised with 3!

My fiancé even took the time to arrange them in a cool flat lay😍 now if that ain’t love I don’t know what is! Since I am an avid consumer and I’m always being my asked my opinion on the cartridges because I’m honest, I don’t like to waste money and well ll I’m a bit of a weed snob🤷🏾‍♀️ so I’m going to break down the Stiiizy Battery and today’s pod is Strawberry Cough.

Strawberry Cough is a sativa and just one of the many strains that STIIIZY offers.

I’m a very active person. I typically stick with sativa’s I’ve tried all of their sativa’s but this is the first time I’ve taken the time to review a cartridge. I’m super excited.

Here goes first draw

The Taste

The one thing I loved immediately was the rush of strawberry flavor. It taste just like candy! The strawberries even linger in the air a bit. There’s a earthy tone, slight vanilla but that first draw is strawberry fields fantastic! The pull is smooth the smoke is lush. Very delicious. I really enjoyed this taste a lot of cartridges have a very chemical like aftertaste. NOT STIIIZY . The taste last through out the duration of the product.

The Effect

The effects of the cartridge take place about 2 minutes after you inhale. There’s an overwhelming sense of euphoria and happiness. This pod keeps you up and happy! Just the way I like it. The effects last about an hour and half. This product is sneaky. I enjoy it so much I almost get sad when the pod begins to fade. The strain strawberry cough is known to lower stress. This will be in my vape my a while😅

How long the pod last

Typically a .5gram Pod last me about 3-4 days. I consider myself a moderate vapor so I like them to last 5-7 days so that a bit of a drawback for me.

The cost

I only purchase Stiiizy when they go on sale at Utopia every Friday. (they’re $28 for .5 gram but they don’t have a full gram available at the dispensary I go to. You can check Weedmaps for a dispensary and see their prices and the availability of stiizy near you.)

The Battery

The Stiiizy Battery is actually my favorite of all the batteries I own. Number one it’s pink! It’s sleek, chic and there’s no button to push. You just inhale and hold in the magnificent product. The battery last about 4 days and charges with an android cable. I can’t say enough GREAT things about the battery. I hide the battery through out my instagram just hoping someone else uses a Stiiizy too👀


Stiiizy is a great product. I throughly enjoy the effects. I love the battery. I love it’s size. The fact it’s so stylish and compact really makes me enjoy it even more. The only thing I can complain about is the products doesn’t seem to last me as long as other products. I’m a cheap girl 🤷🏾‍♀️ it’s $54 for a gram at my shop because they only have.5 gram pods available. Other than that. Love the flavor. Love the battery… like the price. I use the Stiiizy for Anxiety and Strawberry Cough does really take the edge off. I recommend these pods! Check out your local dispensary and let me know when you try Strawberry crush Stiiizy pods!

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