Beyoncé is a state of mind.

Like most human beings I am a Beyoncé super fan..well I wouldn’t say super fan. I don’t own every single  album or have a Beyoncé shrine in my closet..(anymore🙄) but I love this woman! DBE2CD5F-6221-4367-844C-41A2F7F49D8C

She is literally everything Mogul, mother, I stated in the title she’s more than a person she’s a state of mind! When I put on Beyoncé…I clean better, I work better, I cook better..I strut and perform like Bey’ herself is in a dark corner (like Prince in that one scene in purple rain 👀..but I digress) My obsession with Beyoncé didn’t start when she was in Destiny Child..I was a Kelly’s fan

B2A329D9-0F05-426B-9A90-3C9C4B741357For obvious reasons🤣🤣🤣

when Beyoncé went solo…it broke my heart. I was upset I loved Destiny’s Child but I knew she destined for more so I followed her on her solo journey it was kind of symbolic for me as well because I’m 33 so when Beyoncé went solo..I was graduating high school..we were “Crazy in love” together I could “oh-oh-oh-oh… oh- no-no-no” with the best of em.. that song was her entrance and alllll of our entrance when we went to the club.. to this day if that song comes on your mood changes, there’s pep in your step and you can concur the world!!

Every morning I wake up..I turn my tv to YouTube and wake my family up to “Grown woman” (They probably hate me for that…oh well YOLO!) there’s just something about that song that sparks me! I can take on the day! I can start a business or I can pack a lunch IT👏🏾DON’T👏🏾MATTER… Beyoncé said I’m GROWN! The colors in the video her, her hair, the dancing (THE KELLY😫) the video is just visual cheesecake, decadent and sweet and LURVE IT.  Today I was working, and I scrolled past an article what said

“Beyoncé rehearsing 11 hours a day for Coachella”

DC1A6DBB-E2E9-4B2B-BAB0-1DBE596D4194When I read that it was about 0300 I work  on my social media content at night ans yesterday I was kind of defeated, starting a new business that people don’t understand is a daunting task and makes you question yourself..especially if it’s a job like blogging where the payment isn’t necessarily monetary..this is my passion it’s what I love to do…when I read that Queen Bey was out there rehearsing with 3 kids and husband…I sucked up that self pitty! I straightened my crown!A3BCE81B-C8F4-4CE2-9062-89ACB8606D2E

I got back to work! Some where in the world Beyoncé was practing! She is the absolute best as what she does but SHE PRACTICES..not just for a minute here of there..No she’s spending half a day on this because it’s her LIFE it’s what she loves, she’s trying to put on a the best show she can provide for her fans.. (now yes I’m aware there’s a team there🙄 AND millions of dollars but that’s not what I’m focusing on this is about her drive, ambition and determination the woman is a BEAST) There was a documentary where Beyoncé gave a behind the scenes view of her preparation for concert. It’s so motivating. That woman is involved in every step of the process and rehearses till perfection. We have been watching Beyoncé morph from being in a girl group to becoming a superstar to surpassing that and becoming a state of mind….the woman has memes, mugs, jackets, T-shirts

You name it you can find it Beyoncé’d!!! (Life is better with Beyoncé stationery and a coffee mug)

Whenever I get down I remember the journey I’ve been on with Beyoncé… I’ve been “crazy in love”, “Drunk in love” half of my 20’s I was one of the “single ladies” till my man decided to PUT A RING ON ITTTTTT (12/25/17!!!!!)

I know it’s strange but I was upfront with my Fiancé and told him “if you don’t like Beyoncé this probably won’t work out…I’m not kidding”

THANK GOD he was like “Beyoncé is fine…you can watch her all day if you want to my favorite video is “get me bodied” I’m pretty sure that was like alll of the brownie points and his knowledge of Beyoncé was rewarded handsomely (🍑🍑🍑)

When I listen to Beyoncé I feel like I can fly…dare I say I feel like I can “Run the world!” I love all her songs but my two favorite that get me pumped and ready to just kill it, slay and display it I throw on “Grown woman” and “7/11” when those songs play…who finna check me booo? NOBODY! I just get into this mindset and Beyoncé takes over my body and I walk with a vengeance. I strut like Beyoncé is the corner when I play those songs. I’ve needed a lot of Beyoncé this week🙄 I know what it is the universe is throwing all kinds of crazy in my juju this week but that for another blog post another…today we are reverencing the QUEEEEEN! She’s just so uplifting and empowering. Her lyrics just inspire women to feel they can achieve greatness. She invokes feelings of sassiness, silliness, sexiness. She shows you that it’s perfectly fine to be a Renaissance woman. You CAN be a mom, a wife, have a career and you don’t have to lose yourself and if you do lose yourself it’s fine to reinvent! Beyoncé has been around for decades and has changed her image so many times but we keep begging for more. She is in control of her image and doesn’t tarnish her brand or image for anyone. The woman is just goals! In every since of the word. When I get down, mad, whenever I want to use all the curse words I know on people I don’t know…I take a deep breath I pray to God because I don’t have bail money…then I throw on some Beyoncé and take a mental vacation..suddenly I’m Shay-Shay FIERCE and I’m #unbothered! The woman soothes me…Beyoncé is a state of mind✌🏾 throw on some Beyoncé right NOW I bet she slays your whole life.

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