Day 21: My life as a brand.

It’s been 3 weeks since I purchased this domain name and put effort into following my dreams. I know I say this often but I have never been so happy to be so exhausted. Content creation is a constant job. I spend most of the week planning and studying what I’m going post. I began to get discouraged because my followers weren”t growing. in fact they were dropping. It started to really weigh heavy on me. My family is super supportive and we have schedule of time when i go online and work but i was becoming so aggrevated and obsessed with hitting 1k Monday night I was just discouraged not only were my instagram number not growing it seemed like every “brand” or “oppurtunity” was so someone trying scam me… since when and why do I have to pay someone to interview them for an internship. I talked to Chris and I told him.. “I have to put down the phone and go live! im trying to be a lifestyle blogger so im going to any and every free event in town” ( It was the first so my “lifestyle” was broke this week”) so             4ee2aef2-3b08-4c14-926b-2954bbb8454c

I went online and searched the free events in my area! I found two events to attend! They were both on Wednesday. The First was with the Bad ass Business women of Temecula! We met up for coffee at the coffe bean and tea leaf in Temecula. It was the first time I had ever been to a business meeting in my life I was so nervous! I only had business cards that said “vegan chef” so i just added my instagram handles and tried to explain…(not to self..get new cards!) annnny whoooo these women were some bad asses they all run businesses and were all just so inspirational and we are all in talks to put together our servives for a type of gift basket showcasing our awesome. It was amazing! Little did i know that I had applied for a brad affilitate position with Zingari Boutique and the owner is one of the Temecula bad ass business women!! when i got the position she revealed “yeah we met Wednesday I love Your energy” I am aso pumped to be respresenting a Temecula Brand like just through the roof while excitement for this opportunity. I love bohochic fashions and the fact its women run and in hometown..this made the sadness from losing my followers just disappear!


Before I agreed to coffee I had signed Christy and I up for ZUMBINI!                                        img_0478it was free and 45 minutes of happy babies running and playing…im so for for it! I had reached out to some people for mentorship… I did get A lot of no’s but one man James Shelby Temecula Realtor told me “No, I run a very busy I don’t have time to be a mentor but i will tell you to take crisp photos and be consistent, also you’re going to go far because you’re not afraid to reach out to people.” soo when I heard that,, it was back to work amd back to studying! I don’t have camera or a computer. I’m using my iphone and a samsung tablet. I went on to youtbeimg_0695

I searched “how to take instagram photos with an ipone 6′ while I was studying I recived a message from the owner of “Little resin Dreams” Brooklynn Evelyn she wanted to donate her beautiful jewlery to my 1000th follower giveaway basket. I was so touched. I cried. I was so worried about numbers (some people just unfollow you after you follow them, and there is bots..bots suck and so do those weave accounts..those accounts are AWFUL!…AWFUL!) I am just amazed at the wonderful things that happening. I followed Brooklynn’s page and always amired her beauty and the fact that i was actually working a deal to collabrate with me! I decided to  make my gift card giveaway a GIFT BASKET! I’m giving my favorite things to my favorite follower.. I’ve worked so hard to get these follwers for my career to start so yeahhh a gift basket is necessary!

My 1000th follower will recieve a $25 target card, $15 Starbucks card ANNND  a handcrafted rose resin ring. I was literally jumpin up and down in my kitchen because i could actaully see my hardwork paying off.

I spend HOURS a day studying youtube and learning tips for how to grow my following. what all the experts say is you have to consistent and another goal I have is YOUTUBE! I have wanted to work in social media forever but excuses and lack of camera but i learned that if you want to make Youtube a stream of income you need 400 hours of video time annnd 1000 followers, so I decided to post WEEKLY youtube post! which seems like a lot but.. its not even like work when I’m doing it. I’m free and happy when im writting, editing photos. I get tickled knowing the best times to post my lunch photo, I’m beyond happy with this career choice, no I haven’t made money yet.. thats not why im doing this. This is my outlet. Its my passion. I’ve learned so many things! Like Today.. I learned about a “flat lay”img_0753

This social media career has peaked a creative side I honestly didn’t know I had. I went to a business meeting, went, to zumbini, enaged online, I’m collabrating with a model, landed another brand affiliation, I hosted a dinner party and sold a vegan chicken pot pieimg_0683

Yep! I made $10 from my meal prep business… Its going toward backdrops from the thrift stores for my youtube videos….I love my life so much right now.


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