My Life as a brand: Week 5

It’s been 5 weeks since I bought a $5.60 ebook and changed the course of my entire future.

This week on my 9-5 things stared wonderful, however Tuesday morning I woke up and I couldn’t swallow. I had a fever. That meant I couldn’t work at my day job. The patient that I am assigned to can easily be triggered into seizures if her immune system is compromised. That sent signals to my already cluttered brain to panic. My mind froze and thought “my family needs that paycheck!” (When in reality my family is going to be ok, I’m just in a constant state of fight or flight due to years of unhealthy thoughts and ideas about finances… “You’re a bad ass at making money” taught me that💅🏿🧐) As soon as I the felt the signals of the panic attack…I remembered the teachings of my spiritual advisor (Preete Kumar…LOOK HER UP SHE WILL GUIDE THE HECK OUT OF YOUR SPIRITUAL SITUATION!) I took some deep breaths, I called my nana and voiced my anxiety and told her

“I’m just going to have faith and throw myself into my business, I don’t have time to worry, worry is praying for stuff you don’t want”

I’m so accustomed to resorting to the familiar and going into victim mode. “Poor me, my poor situation” I acknowledged my feelings but I took time to come up with a plan.

I was going to pray, focus on my goals, IMPROVE MY COVER-LETTER, follow up with the brands I had previously reached out to, network. I was going to turn my week of unwanted vacation into a working vacation!

This week I really focused on creating a piece of content for my dream brand. (Ocean Resins vape cartridge) I took a product I use daily and I absolutely love and set up a photo shoot

(I’ve become obsessed with flat lays! Flat lays are my jam!) Next I created a caption, and slightly reviews the product and tagged the brand in my post

Wouldn’t you know the Brand liked the post, commented and began following me

I was so thrilled! This like and follow prompted to contact their page for collaboration. My sick week was off to a great start. During the week I study a lot. I look up my analysis for the week, I delete post that have less than 20 likes (less than 20 likes to me means the content was no engaging enough for my audience so I delete everything that doesn’t have 20 likes by Sunday) I decided to spend more time in blog support groups to grow my blog followers, and to learn other writing styles. I love Facebook groups. You can interact with like minded individuals instantly. It’s a gift. I found a group called “Boss girl bloggers”. I connected with Allie Cahainin, owner and founder of the a satire site similar to cosmopolitan magazine. She was looking for a guest blogger so I slid in her DM’s and pitched an idea

I was excited that I landed my first guest post site I typed up the article immediately…0300 Thursday morning. When I woke up at 0615 in the morning on Thursday, I felt like the world was mine. I was buzzing with creativity…I could finally swallow and speak! Life was gooood! I hadn’t been outside in days so I decided to step outside and do some nature photography with my phone and work on photo editing and content for my Instagram.

It was a truly lovely day, I went outside to enjoy the air, meditate and pray. I hadn’t focused on instagram this week, I was so close to my goal of 1k I just couldn’t look at the number anymore. The number would rise to 996 and fall to 980 so I stopped looking. At 4:19 in the afternoon on 4/19/2018 I hit 1k followers

I keep a vision board on the wall. I write my goals. I stare at them each day. I look at them so I can tell myself what I’m working for each day. When I crossed that first goal off my list. I cried. I had to sit down. Thank God, text my fiancé, text my nana, my oldest daughter and reach out to the winner of my 1k giveaway

As long as I live I will never forget the Name Jonna Lewis. I’ve been up every night for 5 weeks, studying instagram, reading books, learning the algorithms just working. I needed 1k followers in order to be more professional when approaching brands for sponsorship and collaboration. I also needed this for my own personal goal. If this was going to me my career I need to see that it could be done. 1k followers means my dream of being a full Time Content Creator, free lance writer and social media manager wasn’t just a “hobby” or a “passion project” I have a the start of a successful business. I have the foundation for a profitable brand. I have control of my future professionally. I have a new lease of life and opportunities that I didn’t have before because Joanna Lewis followed my journey on instagram. I drove to my Nana’s to celebrate and when I arrived my phone rang. It was the assistant pastor of my Nana’s church. I had met with him Sunday. He’s a very prominent businessman in San Diego but he’s so humble at church you would never know. I told him I needed a mentor. He told me about his niece the dean of a college and the owner of several real estate businesses and properties in California and Georgia. She’s bad, did I meant she worked for the Carter administration?? Thursday he called and gave me her number we spoke and she told me to buy the Book “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, read the first chapter and call her when I was done. I went home got the audiobook and digital download and read to chapter five

I called Mrs Cynthia back in the morning and she said

“I must say I’m very impressed with your drive, I want to meet with you, go over ideas and get in touch with my colleague he works at college near you and focuses on helping innovative people get grants and funding for their small business. In the meantime block off May 5th and May 19th I’ll be in touch to confirm which will work best with my schedule. I admire that drive and I’ve seen your children at church, I’ve heard your poems you’re gifted I told my uncle “he children alone make me want to help grow her business they’re so poised and intelligent they were taught that” I’m so glad you’re taking the steps to go into business for yourself, I’m happy to help empower a young woman to achieve her goals”

That was the start of a beautiful Friday!

I celebrated my 1k follower with breakfast with nana

I shopped for my 1k followers prizes!

$25 Target Gift card, a Starbucks card for $15 and a custom made piece of resin jewelry from “Little Resin Dreams”

I’m starting to see the dream I had, grow into a beautiful career. I’m so happy, fulfilled. I have confidence in myself. I’m more freethinking and optimistic because I longer fear the future. I just enjoy life and create in the moment. I building the foundation to be able to wake up in the morning and do whatever my heart desires. My hearts desire has been to create content at home and be present with my family. I will work until that dream is a reality. I’m so thankful to each of you for following my journey. Words can’t express the gratitude. I look forward to what next week holds.


  1. Hey girl! Love this post! I’m so happy for you and love watching you grow. You have such a passion that is fun to see. It really pays off to take negative situations and turn them into something positive.


  2. You can do it! Your content is great. I’m in that boat too! & trying to get 1000 on Instagram but I’ll gain 20 then lose like 15 so I understand the struggle lol.


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