My 1st Family road trip

I had the most amazing weekend of my life! Not only did I MEET PEREZ HILTON AND SHAR JACKSON I had my very first family vacation with Chris and the girls!

This trip was supposed to be a date night for us. We don’t get much time alone so I was going to use the trip to see Perez as way for us to bond. We ended having to bring the girls and I’m so glad that we did! However I didn’t budget for 4 people I budgeted for 2 people.. living on one meal and staying in a hotel room ALL NIGHT LONG ALONE😅 so I had to stretch out budget. I found a room off the strip comfort inn for $118🙌🏾 that really freed up funds for family entertainment I still had to find ways to make the trip family and toddler friendly. I was very nervous. I had done Vegas but not as a family! Christy is potty training and the drive to Vegas is about 4 hours but we stopped every 2 hours because I drink A LOT OF COFFEE!

I think we were all so excited to just get away for once. We know it was just vegas but to just get away from the norm for a few moments was all we needed. We had a blast listening to music. We started out with the new Eminem Kamikaze

We were PUMPED! Just enjoying the music and enjoying each other’s company and then we heard Christy say “I NEED POTTY”

So we took the opportunity to let Christy walk around and stretch her little legs. Christy isn’t used to a long car ride, I think the longest she’s ever been on is about an hour so we made sure to make these pit stops a bit long.

The long pit stops weren’t just go Christy apparently I needed to walk my future husband as well 🙄

Brooke was still battling her stomach bug. She wasn’t vomiting or anything but she still very nauseated but she was trooper!

We got our legs all stretched and we were back on the road to Vegas!

Christy was rapping her heart out to missy Elliot and kicking her feet we were all laughing because she kept saying “YOLO PARTY” something tells me Christy is going to be a Vegas fan we she gets older. We finally made it to Vegas about 1130.

When we arrived we went to Circus Circus hotel and casino, the site of our wedding next year 🤗🥂

We went to the wedding business office to see if by chance we could speak with someone in regards to the details of the wedding but the office was we decided to play some video games and have a little fun!

When I was little my grandparents would take me to Vegas to eat and sightsee. It gave me such a wonderful feeling inside to be able to share memories of my childhood with Brooke and show her where I won my first stuffed animal when I was her age.

Brooke had one goal of the day on Vegas.. to win Christy a stuffed animal.. so she was on a mission.

Brooke actually beat me at a game and won Christy a stuffed animal.

Next the man won me a unicorn… WITH HIS BARE HANDS!

Brooke wanted to see the strip.. and I was excited to show her! Omg I wanted to show her the whole strip RIGHT NOW! So we ventured out and realized.. it’s hot! Real hot! I mean I know this but I just was not prepared to Vegas with a stroller lol it was fun we intended to walked to Caesars Palace from Circus- Circus… it got hot we needed drinks☺️

We saw these super cute duckies! Chris and I had an adult beverage we had a strawberry hurricane with lots of rum and Brooke and Christy had a virgin margarita to cool us on our walk. We walked to the WYNN to cool off and see the stores inside.

I love flowers, fashion and beautiful people.. so my senses were just taking everything in. Every corner of the room was filled with opulent beauty. Each structure was so decadent and luxurious it just felt rich inside there. I loved every moment! Even the bathroom was decorated with thick marble. It was just stunning.

We went to the hotel to get some rest before I had get ready to go the event. We called uber eats.. which ended up being wonder for us because we got Brooke some pho’ and Chris found a restaurant that was called the Angry Blasian that served soulfood with an Asian twist

After we ate, we all took a nap

At 630 or so I started getting ready to go meet Perez Hilton!

While I was at the event Chris took the girls to the gift shop to buy presents and look around. The show ended at 10:00 and I pointed Shar Jackson out to Chris

I was pretty tipsy I made a mom friend in there that purchased me a mimosa.. I think the alcohol is stronger in Vegas.. because I had one Long Island Ice tea and one mimosa and I was TURNT UPPPPPP.. but lucky for me my family was there to take me to the hotel and put me to bed. I was so excited I could barely sleep. We had originally planned to leave at 6am but I asked Chris if we could go to Caesars palace. My grandfather used to take me to the Buffet of champions when I was Brooke’s age and I always loved it and felt so special. I wanted to show Brooke the beauty of the Caesars palace and all the art so I asked Chris if we could go to Caesars and have a nice meal there before coming home. I love food. Good meal and good conversations make the best memories to me. Chris agreed and so we woke up late for once didn’t get out of bed till 10am and went to Caesars palace.

I love Caesar’s palace! It’s my favorite place to be in Vegas when I was younger my grandfather would always take to stay at there and I just have the fondest memories of it. I took the time to show Brooke all the art.

And of course Brooke being Brooke pointed out “They have genitals just OUT at Caesar’s palace huh!”😂😂😂

She said “Mom we could hear you women sounding like wild animals in Chippendales last night.. it’s was so funny!” We walked around and Chris saw another grown folks slushee machine🙌🏾 this one offered samples and I love samples… sooo YOLO!

We tried to do the bride and groom toasting thing and FAILLLEEEEDDDDD oh well practice makes perfect. I swear if my theme wasn’t the circus I would get married at Caesar’s palace! I just love that palace… like my whole vibe changed I was happy, excited, vibrant and a little hungover

We wanted to walk “Hell’s Kitchen” so just see it.. so we walking…

I saw NOBU.. it was stunning on the outside I wanted to go Be nosey and ask to peek inside but whack Family was hungry 🙄😂 We noticed that that Gordon Ramsay has a Grill and Pub right near us… we ventured on to the buffet of champions and which is now renamed and the line was 8000 people long so that dream was dashed so we went on to the pub and grill🙌🏾

The restaurant was stunning. The prices range from $11-$50 the drinks about $12 well since Brooke and I don’t eat meat we tore up the appetizer menu I had truffle fries, grilled asparagus and side salad.

Chris had meat 🤷🏾‍♀️

We watch EVERY Gordon Ramsay show that’s on Hulu and Fox so for us this was a huge family treat. Chris is chef.. I dabble in the kitchen, the girls cook with us the kitchen is our family time to bond. Wrapping up our trip with a beautiful meal was so perfect. The waiter we had noticed that Christy was trying to toast with us but didn’t want to use her bottle so he gave Christy a champagne flute of plain orange juice.. the orange juice was the most delicious orange juice I’ve ever tasted. That meal was the most delicious meal I’ve ever eaten in my life.

We ate, we drank we laughed. We truly enjoyed our time together as family. I really just wanted a nice moment with my family. It felt good to just relax and enjoy a nice meal, in a stunning atmosphere. The detail paid in the costumer service was impeccable. We were treated so well, Christy being Christy she was just excited to be there and loved the waiter.

Our trip was magical. I’ll never forget our little Vegas turn around trip. I came to blog about a blogging icon, I enjoyed a beautiful evening with top notch entertainment and fine dining with people I love most in the world supporting me. This weekend was a dream come true. I’m blessed that blogging and putting myself out there provided this opportunity for my family. It makes me want to keep doing more and taking my family with me to experience it. Not only did I get share stories about my childhood. I bonded in a new way with Brooke, Christy got see lights and men.. surprisingly she wasn’t into the Chippendale’s guys she liked the waiter at Gordon’s restaurant 😂🤷🏾‍♀️ Chris just made me appreciate him so much more. That man drove me to Vegas and was my biggest cheerleader. I’m so blessed to have the family I have. I’m grateful for this trip. It was soooo needed. As much as we loved being away we were so happy to get home to our little house and just rest and enjoy the holiday.


  1. Awww Shayla! This is awesome. Aren’t road trips the best? I’m still recovering from mine a few weeks ago. Eventually I’ll get around to organizing my family trip to post it. Congrats on meeting Perez! I’m happy your trip was a major success. All the best to you and your family 🙂

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  2. This trip looks like it was soooooo much fun!! I went to Vegas about 2 yrs ago and had a blast, saw that same merry go round flower thingy (it’s so pretty isn’t it?) and def did some window shopping. I’m happy you got to experience this with your family and create that family moment. I always think about our fam trips now that I’m older and can’t wait for the day I’m blessed to be a mom to take my kiddos around the world.

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