Thursday Thought: “What’s better than one billionaire?…two”

Good morning and happy Thursday… I’m awake because Chris pulled the cover off me at like 0100… it was super cold and I can’t fall asleep soooo I was like perfect time to plan content🙌🏾

when I can’t sleep I search for motivational quotes to post on my instagram the next day.

I scrolled up on this beautiful quote:

I’ve seen it before and always been hesitant to post it because I don’t want to look money hungry… but you know what. I’m not building a future in content creation for nothing. I started allll of this in the hopes of being able to work from home. I started this to have extra income.

At the time I knew there were ways to make money online. I just didn’t like any of them. I had tried my hand at MLM. I worked for Beachbody.

I sucked at it because I couldn’t sell my friends a shake they couldn’t afford and didn’t really need to stay in shape. I loved the benefits of the shake and loved promoting it but I knew my friends didn’t really NEED it per se to loose weight.

I worked really hard to promote for that company and I learned a lot of my marketing tactics from my time working in that company, so I’m grateful for that.

I have a lot of friends that work for beach body and they are very successful at it and they inspired me. I knew one woman who was pregnant at the same time I was quit her job and pursued her coaching career… I had never seen anyone do that. I wanted to do that. I was just like her.. I just didn’t have that extra oomph to quit my 9-5. I admired the women who made Beachbody and other MLM their business.

I wanted to do the same thing but I’m greedy. I wanted to find a way to make money and not have to pay someone else or only get a very small percent.

I actually prayed for ways to make money from home so I could be home with my family. My ultimate dream is to be able to create from home and solely provide for my family through creative endeavors.

When I close my eyes and envision a perfect day my girls are playing, Christy dancing to music.. Brooke is making some vlog or graphic in the corner, Chris helping me with whatever project I’m working on, we’re all just vibing and happy. I just want to be home creating and nurturing creativity. That’s my goal.

My first venture was my vegan meal prep company. I charged $40 a week for 5 vegan meals. Meals were picked up Sunday from my home. I studied and got my catering license and food handling card and that brought in $500 extra dollars a month. Sometimes more when there were special orders and I had to deliver.

That showed me I could make money with my own two hands if I just applied myself. I researched what I needed to be able to sell food legally.

I started my Instagram to showcase my food and that was my first introduction to Instagram and social media for business and as a business.

My aunt passed away October 2017 and I stopped my vegan meal prep company because I took time off to fly and got behind on orders and just never picked up. I do special orders but not often.

Also I lost access to a lot of my clients when my patient began to homeschool. I was providing meals for many of the teachers at her school so that killed that source of income. However it sparked in me to find other sources of income.

I prayed again. I knew I loved social and I admired those who made a living online creating content. I wanted to be able to make a living from home from social media some how.

I fell into all of this. I studied social media and learned how to work the business aspects and I run the social media of other small businesses.

I just reach out when I notice a company has no twitter, or if they have social media and I see where it can be more effective I point it out and help.

Once I learned making money from home as a creative was totally dependent upon how much you work and how creative you can be offering your services I realized the sky was the limit financially.

I learned every aspect of how to make money as a blogger. I just researched methods I heard about and tried them. When they worked I would tell people.

No one would listen. I would call my friends that I knew had beyond amazing potential to do what I do because they have time and money, computers, cameras.

I reached out to friends that I knew had everything they needed to be making money and working from home!

Even if it was part time and $200 I was reaching telling my friends how to make money. There’s a Jay-Z quote: “What’s better than one billionaire.. two”

I wanted to teach my friends how to do what I was doing. Many were receptive but I think the amount of work and the fact it’s not overnight make a lot of people tune me out.

I’m in a lot of mom groups and I always see young ladies asking for ways to make money from home. Over the last year I took my time to try things and find legitimate ways to make money from home.

I started my blog which is a stream of income, I leverage my social media as advertising for different brands, I run a social media marketing agency and I’m a blog consultant.. all of these things are skills I’ve had for years being on social media but I took the time to take a few classes online to really learn about these social media platforms and how to use them for blogging and small businesses.

There’s so many ways to make money from home it’s crazy. I was given the book “You’re a badass at making money” By Jen Sincero and it changed my life in regards to money.

I changed my mindset and it seemed to help money flow to me effortlessly. I had to shout it from the roof tops. I couldn’t believe I had been blocking my financial flow all this time.

I post what I do everyday on my Facebook and it’s like no one hears it. That was another reason I’m writing my book. I really want to help people make money from home. I really want to show people it’s possible to make money blogging. I want to show people the real, ugly truth. Yes it possible but it’s work!

Once I shifted my mind to stable sources of income I could generate myself. I realized I was capable of making money in several ways.

People assume you have to be nude or blonde to make money on social media. That’s not the case. I’m as chocolates they come with one inch of hair and I’m collaborating with a hair care brands.

I used to base my happiness on my check, I don’t do that anymore because I know it’s nothing to make more money. Money is infinite.. it’s up to me how I decide to make it that day.

That’s what drives me to continue to do what I’m doing. Just knowing I have options that I’m creating.

Anyway that’s what driving me and apparently what’s keeping me up tonight… well this morning 🙄

I hope my ramblings inspire you to find what you do that can make you a little cash.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more for yourself financially. There’s nothing more with trying to find ways to generate more income. I wish I would have been more financially minded sooner.

Light and love to you and I hope you make money🙌🏾


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