Let’s talk about vaping

I’ve been seeing a lot about vaping online.

I’ve written several thc vape reviews, here on my own blog.

My method of cannabis consumption is primarily vaping.

I like that’s it’s discreet and I’m able treat my anxiety on the go etc.

I’ve wrote a full full article for Tokewell magazine regarding my vape pen use not long ago..

I had begin to see stories trending on twitter and facebook about vape related deaths and it made me bring the subject up to Chris! I told him that we really check these articles out!

I panicked and Chris said.. “We don’t buy from black market vendors… we only shop at licensed dispensaries”

That’s true,besides all the brands I use like Beboe (not sponsored…just use love the brand)

And Happy Stick have released statements:

It’s been a really scary time for cannabis consumers who use vape pens. I know now the signs to look for but.. I don’t know if I’ve used fake cart in the past.

There have been 6 reported deaths linked to vaping.

The deaths have been of people using illegal thc cartridges.

I’m aware that it’s just black market but I know sometimes fake carts can get into dispensaries too.

I live in an area where shops come and go..

I’ve been a lot more vigilant since I’ve seen the reports and I even stopped buying vape pens for while.

I told Chris the brands I knew were 100% safe and he would pick those for me.

I talked to the shop owner where Chris and I shop I expressed my concerns and I was again told what I knew “This is a licensed dispensary, we don’t have black market carts”

We’ve only purchased cartridges that were sealed and tested, certified and from a verified dispensary.

I know there’s ways to tell if your cart is safe, don’t buy open cartridges.

Do not trust cartridges with runny liquids.. thc carts should be thick and viscous.

Don’t trust a cartridge that is marked way below retail price.

Off hand I know right away to stay away from “Dank Vapes”

you can search online to see if the brand has had lab testing independently.

I’ve been trying alternatives to vaping for the time being

I spent sometime using liquid cannabis last week and I must say it was rather enjoyable.

It takes about 45 minutes to kick in. When taken in small doses it gives you a tingling and euphoric body high that last about 3-4 hours with a dose less than 2.5mls.

I had an intense migraine last week, I used the cannasyrup and it took the pain away.

I was really pleased with this alternative to vaping.

A $40 bottle of this liquid has lasted me about 2 weeks.

I took sometime to rediscover edibles.

I enjoy the edible route of cannabis consumption!

I know to expect the effects in 45 minutes (I mean… it’s medication after all.. that how long meds take to kick in orally..

I just don’t like the blinding doses of edibles.. one bite can be a really cool day at the beach enjoying the scenery or.. food coma.. there’s not in between. I mean I like a good edible before bed but it’s not my go to route of consumption and I don’t think for myself personally I could do edibles in place of vaping.

Maybe a small candy that I could control the dosage..

This vaping scare has really forced me to turn back to flower.

I love the ritual of flower and right now it’s probably the safest cannabis route in my opinion.

Does this mean I’ll never vape again.. well.. I’m slowing down.. it’s funny as soon as I said I was slowing down Chris and I received our first piece of fanmail!

His and her batteries!

They’re sure nice and we’re super grateful but I can’t lie.. that scare is there so I’m not vaping as much at the moment.

Just until we all know more.

Living in a legal state and only buying from verifiable dispensaries and brands helps but I’m keeping an eye on all this…

What do think about the vape crisis? Let’s talk in the comments.


  1. It terrifies me. I’m in the process of getting my medical card for my anxiety, eating disorder history, and blindness, but the black market does scare me. Thank you for this wonderful post!!

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    • Hello
      First I would like to say thank you so very much for sharing all of the information that you share! I have just found your videos and enjoyed those so I decided to read part of your blog and I learned so much from that that I decided to leave a comment and ask if there’s any way I could email you. I am very very new to the THC vape World or even the THC world to be honest have not smoked pot in over 35 years and that was very rare then. Until now, I did not know that marijuana wood change my life…. I would like just to share with you a little bit of how it is changed my life and you are so knowledgeable that if you had time any point in the future I would like your advice… I am a person of research, and I could tell that you are too LOL.. but please email me when you get a chance or if you get a chance and if you don’t completely understand but thank you again, and don’t stop what you are doing! It has also given me the courage to really stand up for my right as a human being 2 do whatever is necessary to have the quality of life that I need and deserve..
      Susanne Jolley

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  2. You’ve gone into some detail and various alternatives that’s good. Tocopheryl acetate worries me as it is used in Sun cream and is absorbed through the skin but I notice you recommend avoidance.


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