I’m currently obsessed with all things Amanda Seales

I ordered the book “Small Doses” by Amanda Seales and honestly it’s one of my best decisions of the year.

You see I’m trying to surround myself with positive black women at this time.

I’m also just trying to read more, I want to be a better writer.

I want to slow do my thoughts.. spend more time alone, with books and this is a title I’ve wanted to read for quite some time so I finally just took the dive.

I was a bit hesitant at first because I didn’t want to purchase a hardcover book..

I started to get excited about so I purchased it on my kindle on my iPhone so I could sneak and read it a while I was recovering from Surgery .. the book was phenomenal!

Amanda is the truth! I worked with her once on “Insecure” SERIOUSLY… I did some background work her.

We shoot a scene season 4, her character Tiffany was pregnant at a block party and I was.. background so I didn’t dare say anything to here at that time we were working.

But who knows one day I may have the courage to tell her..

“Your book was so good I had to buy to a copy for my best friend because it made me laugh so hard. It also made me proud to be a black woman, and to be a black creative because if that’s in you.. Queen that’s in me and that book if so motivating”

There’s poems in this book 😍

I had to stop and text my best friend

🗣THIS BOOK HAS POEMS AND PICTURES.. I’m finna send you one..

and so I did..

When a book is so good it makes you send a copy to someone else…and you stingy and don’t like to spend money.. you know it’s good!

I could feel my soul being nourished as I read. I needed every word of “Small Doses” by Amanda Seales”

The book is so good when it’s over you have to listen to the podcast because you just get enough Amanda!

I listened to Amanda Seales and Tika Sumpter talk about the “Side effects of black motherhood” and it was literally everything that I’ve felt as black mom!

There are so many types of us and so many of us don’t get use of voices and black motherhood isn’t the same as white motherhood..

We just have different fears and entirely different reality that often times isn’t discussed at all.

Black motherhood gets overshadowed and this episode was honestly a breath of fresh air.

I got into blogging because there weren’t a lot of mom bloggers like me.. black moms, doing yoga, wearing thrifted fashion, talking about life keeping it real..

When you don’t see it, you have to be it and that’s basically what that episode was about it I loved every second.

I might be late to the Amanda party but a huge fan now!

I love that she is so uplifting for black women.. for all women.

She’s a fighter. She teaches women to love themselves and speak up for themselves and that it’s okay to be a sexual being and to be free. It’s okay to be feminine and to demand space and respect in a room.

Amanda is a champion for diversity and creativity. She’s just a queen in every since of the word.

I purchased her book and Issa’s book because I worked those 3 days on set with them and I was too shy to even speak.

I was too shy to look them in the eye and I was in arms length and one point I did make conversation on the last day nothing major.

My hope is to one day work with them all again in some capacity but actually have work worthy of conversation and actually have the confidence to say “hello”

But I was more panic than person and my nerves got the best of my beside I was working so were they and it was cold, there were many contributing factors to my muted tongue those 3 evenings but if a chance like that presents itself again.

I will tell Amanda how her book changed my life and opened my eyes.. and kept me going on days I wanted to quit.

I am just now embracing the fact that I am an artist.

Being an artist with a mental illness that’s an even tougher road to navigate because I spend a lot of time in my head and often expressing myself is very difficult but this book.. NAILED IT🙌🏾

Amanda Seales is the Artist, Artist… she’s a true renaissance woman and I don’t think we appreciate her enough.

She’s literally amazing!

HBO special, “Insecure” a podcast, a book.. she’s a whole ass beast!

I’ve got a boss crush on her 🥰😩😍

Alright… I gotta finish.. my book.. see it’s so good I’m not even done with it and I had to write about it..

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